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Are you looking for photo editing tools for beginners? 

Hello from BHIVE! As we enter into the eighth month of 2016, marketing has been game-changing with many trends. A drastic change in relation to technology can be measured with major Platforms like Facebook Live video, Snapchat, Content Marketing, Virtual Reality, The Internet of Things (IoT) and recently Instagram Stories.

“Digital marketing is day trading the attention

While digital marketing has encountered a strong transformation in the last decade (through my study and research), we still need tools and resources to create images for Social Media and content, isn’t it?

photo editing tools for beginners


After 3 years of experimentation I’ve found that including images when sharing to social media increases engagement across the different channels -more clicks, re-shares, replies, favorites and reaction.

Even if you are a small business owner or that of a big one, a single digital marketer or a team, this is something that you should leverage.

Here are the 4 tools I have used and I recommend them to you too.

  1. PhotoScape (offline)

A simple, unusual editor that can handle more than just photos. It’s the first tool I have ever used and I still use it.

PhotoScape is seemingly a simple photo editor. At first glance it will let you fall with many features: editing, photo splitting and merging animated GIF to viewer, animated GIF creation, and even a rather odd (but useful) function with which you can print lined, graph or sheet music paper.

photoscape home photoscape


The real meat is in the Photo Editor. PhotoScape’s interface is not simple to understand. It certainly will take time. But we cannot compare it with Photoshop.  (Free)

  1. Canva (online)

Canva is the next tool I have used the most in my entire life after PhotoScape. I love Canva not only because Guy Kawasaki is its Chief evangelist but the Design and graphics with all those features are amazing as well.   

It is known for its Design presentations, social media graphics, and more than thousands of beautiful layouts in it.

canva home


You can also choose your size if you didn’t want to choose from suggested sizes.

You can choose free images and make your image mesmerizing.

Believe me, it has everything you need for an amazing design.  It consists of millions of Images and you can even upload your own. Features like Photo Filters, Free Icons & Shapes, Hundreds of Fonts, etc. are available. You will fall for its Interface, just like I did. (Free)

  1. Pablo (online)

Buffer launched Pablo, a new tool (plugin) to create beautiful images for your social media posts in under 30 seconds, as they claim. (But it takes more than 30 seconds to let your creativity take off).

photo editing tools for beginners


A simple interface and a great tool for you if really want to make fast image editing. (If you practice it a lot then you can edit the image in less than 5 minutes).

Buffer has collaborated with and there are millions of beautiful images that you can create using Pablo which helps in increase your online ENGAGEMENT. It’s easy to use but there is no easier way to become a more effective marketer! (Free)

  1. Autodesk Pixlr

Pixlr is a free online photo editing tool that is split into three different apps that have been built from the same engine. I use Windows but pick the one best suited for what you need.

You can combine image design and paint tools with photo editing.

There is variety of filters and effects, custom brushes, customizable user-friendly interface with movable and scalable windows.

Not only is this, there history window for quick undo/redo. But it doesn’t provide you images so you have to upload on your own.

photo editing tools for beginners


Overall, Pixlr is a very functional photo editing suite, with everything you could possibly need. The interface is easy to use and the tools are varied as your imagination. (Free)


My favourite websites to pick awesome images are and

What major tools did I miss? Please let me know in the comments section below. Looking forward to read your stories of image editing below! 🙂

About the author:

Bhupinder Nayyar, co-founder Bameslog. An online publishing platform for writers, photographer’s, and video makers, backed with Artificial Intelligence.

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