How to Choose the Best Coworking Space!

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Coworking space

The Coworking trend is growing with great magnitude in India and the responsibility to choose the right office space comes along with it. The benefits of Coworking are numerous and to be able to get the best out of it, you must smartly pick the right place for your business. The options are vast, so how do you choose between all the diverse choices? Below mentioned is the guide/ checklists to keep in mind while choosing your office space

CoWorking space

Customised office space

a) Location of the workspace 


The location of your Coworking space plays a crucial role for both your business as well as to keep your employees happy :). An accessible location  is important as most clients and employees would prefer something which is walkable distance or minimum distance from a nearby metro station, bus stand or where the cab facilities are frequent.

From a business point of view, office space close to where your business needs will be provided like a commercial hub or retail hub is going to be a big plus.

Another point to note would be nearby restaurants/cafes and food kiosks for lunch, snack and tea breaks. Don’t underestimate the need for good eateries near the work place.

The easiest way to find an office space would be to Google – Coworking spaces near me

b) Pricing of Coworking Space

The plus point in sharing  a work space is that they are economical, you would basically pay only for the space you occupy like a hot desk, shared desk or private offices as they are plug and play offices. Therefore the task for you would be finding the right Coworking space within your budget and that provides basic amenities required to run an office.

c) Ambience and Services of Co-working office space

Ambience or the work atmosphere is of utmost importance. These days modern and vibrant office spaces are in vogue with either customised or standardised plug and play offices as per your requirements.

Choose a Coworking space that has a community manager who would look into your wants and needs. The basic idea of Coworking evolves around networking with different people working out of the same space. Check out the other companies working out this space and if that could help your business grow.

Interested to know more about hospitality in coworking? Check this blog out:

Interiors of CoWorking space

Modern and Ergonomic offices

d) Amenities at a Coworking workspace

Amenities go far beyond just high speed internet connection. Ensure you choose a Coworking space that provides you with meeting rooms as you wouldn’t need to accommodate your clients/ board members in a small space suitable just for your team members, since you would be renting out just shared desk or private office as per the employee strength in your Company 

Certain Coworking spaces also offer break out spaces like casual areas, gaming zones which will be a stress buster for your employees and also events intended to bring everyone working out of the same space together. Another suggestion would be to go for a fully furnished office space as that would not require you to spend any on the interiors of your work area.

e) Flexibility in Leasing from a Coworking brand

Flexible office spaces are a must! Especially for a startup where you might suddenly expand so instead of looking out for a new work space, the one that provides you with the convenience of a hustle free option to shift within their centres or the same location is a bonus. Also, office space that is open 24 hours is the most preferred among the young companies. Few Coworking spaces provide flexible leasing solutions, check this link out:

Coworking is one of the easiest and cheapest office set ups that could exist in today’s world, but finding the right one will be the task. Consider the above factors and you’re half way there already 🙂

Picture courtesy : BHIVE Coworking space

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