Will there be any tax implications on my reward?2023-06-21T14:59:58+05:30

Our rewards are exciting but we remain responsible too. Any referral rewards may come with applicable taxes. But don’t worry, we will stick to the local tax reporting laws to ensure everything is as per the book.

Are there any restrictions for BHIVE employees?2023-06-21T14:59:05+05:30

BHIVE Employees can refer their immediate family members as well. Please note that for immediate family candidates, designated HR committee members will reserve the final decision for hiring confirmation.

What are the eligibility requirements for a referred candidate?2023-06-21T14:58:25+05:30

We want the best possible matches for our team! The candidates who can be referred should not be on a notice period or under a Performance Improvement Plan with BHIVE.

What is the process to refer a candidate to BHIVE?2023-06-21T14:57:36+05:30

Sharing is caring, and it’s easy too! Just put the referral through our designated portal (bhiveworkspace.com/employee-referral).

When will I receive my reward?2023-06-21T14:56:34+05:30

We love celebrating success. The category reward will be presented to you by our team once your referred candidate is hired and has completed 90 days as per our HR policies.

Who is eligible to refer a candidate to BHIVE?2023-06-21T15:30:19+05:30

At BHIVE, we value the importance of community. Hence, all BHIVE Members, Partners, Employees, Vendors and Supporters are eligible under the referral program.

Is the money refundable if I am unable to register?2023-09-06T17:50:42+05:30

Note that our charges are for the documents we give and for the efforts we put in. Success of your registration is not under our control and we will not be able to refund the amount.

Is Telephone service available?2023-09-06T17:49:56+05:30

No, we do not receive telephone calls on behalf of our clients. 

What all documents will BHIVE provide for registration?2023-09-06T17:49:41+05:30
  • Lease Agreement between Tusker Workspace Private Limited (registered name of BHIVE) and property Landlord of the respective property 
  • Membership Agreement between Tusker Workspace Private Limited and the company seeking registration/ promoters of the company to be incorporated
  • Blanket Board Resolution from the Board of Directors of Tusker Workspace Private Limited authorizing for issuance of NOCs to its clients
  • Blanket NOC from landlord to Tusker Workspace Private Limited 
  • NOC from Tusker Workspace to your company
  • Utility (BSNL ) Bill in the name of Tusker Workspace Private Limited
Which locations in Bangalore can BHIVE provide a virtual office?2022-12-12T17:28:41+05:30
  • BHIVE has its centres spread across key locations in Bangalore viz. MG Road, Koramangala and HSR
  • The applicant company can avail virtual office services in any of the above locations
Does BHIVE guarantee registration of virtual office at its premises?2022-12-06T17:44:03+05:30

BHIVE will merely assist in providing the relevant documents that have been previously accepted by the MCA. The company making the application for the registration process is solely responsible for the success of the application. Do note that requirements from different officers of MCA can vary. We recommend that you use our designated CA firm for an easier registration process.

How does the process work for the application of virtual office?2022-12-06T17:44:10+05:30
  • Step 1 – company who wishes to have its office address registered at one of BHIVE’s locations reaches out to BHIVE
  • Step 2 – BHIVE’s team reaches out to the Company and explains the documents being provided
  • Step 2 – The applicant accepts the terms and conditions under which BHIVE offers virtual office
  • Step 3 – BHIVE’s team issues documents as generally mandated by the MCA (mentioned in the terms and conditions) 
  • Step 4 – the applicant company submits the documents to the MCA and completes the process of registration


Note – in case the company is yet to be incorporated, then BHIVE will issue all relevant documents in the name of the promoters of the applicant company; to be transferred to the name of the company once its incorporated


How does one apply for virtual office with BHIVE?2021-07-29T19:34:06+05:30

Head to the Virtual Office tab from the Home page of our website www.bhiveworkspace.com and click on either the ‘Contact Us’ button or the Whatsapp link or email sales@bhiveworkspace.com or call +91-95386-77774

Who can avail services of Virtual Office?2021-06-08T11:43:50+05:30
  • A company/ partnership firm/ LLP incorporated in India
  • A company/ partnership firm/ LLP which is in the process of incorporation and application has been made to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA)
What services are available with the Virtual Office offering with BHIVE?2022-12-12T17:28:33+05:30
  • Get your office registered with BHIVE’s address.
  • BHIVE will collect couriers/mails delivered to the registered address.
  • Option to get 40-day access to the workspace with internet access, beverages, and access to the lounge, and common games facilities.
  • Chartered Accountant support services for company registration also available at extra cost. We would recommend to do registration through our designated CA firm for an easier registration process.
What is BHIVE’s Virtual Office product?2021-06-08T11:42:25+05:30
  • Companies can have their office registered at any of BHIVE’s centres spread across Bengaluru
  • Companies can also register with BHIVE’s address for other statutory purposes such as GST, PAN/TAN, Shop & Establishments Act, and other such purposes
Are pets allowed?2018-07-29T02:31:20+05:30

We understand pets are an important part of your family. However, not everyone is comfortable around pets. To ensure the safety and keeping the preferences of all members in mind, we do NOT allow pets at BHIVE Workspace.

Is there power backup available?2017-01-09T12:24:14+05:30

Electricity is the backbone of any office space to ensure productivity, knowing the importance of 24*7 power supply all our workspaces are well equipped with power backups.

Can I work out of any other workspace even if I am not a member?2022-12-19T15:45:15+05:30

Working at BHIVE Workspace comes with a number of benefits, one of them being the flexibility of working out of any centers across the city. You can choose to work from any BHIVE location for up to 6 days in a month, in addition to the center you’ve signed up at.

Can I use the space for one day?2017-01-09T12:25:05+05:30

Our aim is to provide you with flexible  workspace solution, options of working out of BHIVE Workspace are many. You may take up a day pass at any of the centers an avail all the services. Other available options are: Bulk Day Pass, Dedicated Desk, Hot Desk, Cabin and more.

Do you provide operations, security and maintenance?2022-12-19T15:45:29+05:30

Yes, all our workspaces have well trained security staff and maintenance personnel, at your disposal round the clock. Moreover, we have community managers stationed at each workspace and standard process for grievance redressal. BHIVE Workspace prides itself in providing the best-in-class hospitality.

How do I reserve a seat beforehand?2017-02-13T11:54:20+05:30

For any sales related query you can call us at: 080888 22364, or drop an e-mail to sales@bhiveworkspace.com Alternatively pay a visit at any of the center to meet our representative.

Is there parking facility?2017-01-09T12:26:12+05:30

All of our workspaces have secured parking facility, you may have to book a spot till it lasts. Co-working villas on the other hand do not have an enclosed space, but they come with plenty of area to park your vehicles.

What will I get apart from a space to work from?2017-01-09T12:32:38+05:30

A membership at BHIVE Workspace comes with host of benefits. You get meeting room credits, unlimited caffeine fix, access to all our events, access to recreational area, all sorts of networking opportunity the list is endless, for more perks and benefits of working out of BHIVE Workspace click here.

BHIVE Workplace is the first and only co-working space that provides access to Workplace by Facebook to all members.

In addition, you will be eligible for a plethora of exclusive offers and discounts from more than 100 BHIVE partners.

Do you provide Wi-Fi?2017-01-09T12:28:39+05:30

Yes, all the locations are Wi-Fi enabled with backups. Not only that, our Wi-Fi Buzznet is by far the fast and most reliable workspace internet in the industry, with 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Is it open 24 hours, 7 days a week?2017-01-09T12:28:52+05:30

As they say, work must never stop. We keep our workspaces operational round the clock.

Are you located in any other city apart from Bangalore?2017-01-09T12:29:29+05:30

At present we have 7 operational centers in Bangalore, we would soon be entering other major cities in India. Keep watching this space for more updates.

Where are your Work Spaces located in Bangalore?2017-01-09T12:30:04+05:30

With 7 operational workspaces, and more coming up. For details:

HSR Sector 4
HSR Sector 6
Residency Road

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