What is BHIVE?

BHIVE Workspace is a PropTech company focussed on commercial real estate. We started out as the oldest coworking brand of Bangalore and it is now one of the largest chain of coworking spaces in Bangalore. It was established in the year 2014. We have a presence in multiple key locations of Bangalore on track to expand to multiple other key locations of Bangalore.

Beyond coworking, we have entered other flexible leasing products like managed office and enterprise leasing solutions. We are also on track to enter asset heavy real estate models by the end of 2021.


Be India’s largest and most comprehensive platform for commercial real estate rental solutions, driven by a customer centric mindset


We strive to be the go-to ‘partner of choice’ for customers by offering best-in-class customer experience, value for money, tailor-made solutions and the best selection


1. People First

We take care of all the people associated with us and ensure best-in-class experience for all

2. Passion for best-in-class customer experience

Our dedication for the best-in-class customer experience is demonstrated in everything we do

3. Think long term solutions versus short term fixes

We believe in providing long term sustainable solutions to all our problems rather than short term quick fixes

4. Focus on building long lasting relationship

We are passionate and believe in building long lasting relationship whereby growing with our customers throughout the professional journey

5. Keep it simple and efficient 

Simplicity and high efficiency is the essence of the work culture of BHIVE. We believe in providing simple efficient solutions to all our customer needs

 6. Honesty and Integrity 

It is not only important for us to do business rather it is critical for us to conduct the way we do business. BHIVE commits to honesty and integrity at all aspects and has zero tolerance to non-abidance of the same

 7. Over-communicate rather than under-communicate 

Communication is the backbone of BHIVE work culture. We believe in constant consistent communication with all stakeholders 

8. Explicit Communication Rather Than Implicit Assumption

BHIVE believes in being explicit while communicating so that there is no room for implicit assumptions or miscommunication

9. Result Oriented & Ownership 

We believe in a result oriented performance driven workplace with strong focus on ownership and deliverables. Leaders would take up ownership of leaving no stones unturned to get results. Focus is not on finishing the task, the focus should be on relentless effort till the result is achieved on time. The essence is to take every possible action within reasonable limits to get results.

10. Done is better than perfect 

Procrastination is an evil and we urge to get a work done within stipulated timelines. Perfection is a continuous phenomenon and we consistently work towards it even after completing a task 

11. Think Big 

The key to accomplishing the biggest and most complicated goals is to aspire high and think big. As an organization, we empower our people and we strongly drive the culture of thinking big, innovation, embracing and driving change

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