Sublease Your Office to another company

Stuck in your Lease or Lock-in…?

Sublease your office through BHIVE!

BHIVE Workspace helps tenants who need to sublease their current building find the right kind of tenant to take over their lease or rental agreement. There are many reasons why companies may want to sublease their property like:

  • Company is growing strongly and there is a need to move to new larger office
  • Company is downsizing and wants to sublease the unused space or move to smaller office
  • Company is looking to shut down operations in their current office location
  • Company is looking to move employees from multiple small locations to a single office location
  • Company got funded or business is doing very well now and wants to move to a new nicer office before lock-in period is over
  • Company wants to move to coworking space due to flexibility that it offers and hassle free operations

If you have filled the form above, we will get in touch with you for next steps.