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“How to Treat Employees” the Ramesh Aravind Way | The BHIVE Show

The Sandalwood Superstar, Ramesh Aravind talks about his professional journey, success-building philosophies and life beyond the world of movies and theatre. Catch the first episode of The BHIVE Show ft. Ramesh Aravind and check out his hot take on “How to treat employees the right way”. The analogy of Dictators vs Directors is beautifully portrayed in the episode, so don’t forget to see the full episode.

House Tour of the Billionaire Brothers – Nithin and Nikhil Kamath by Super Mom Revathi Kamath

In this house tour of the Billionaire Brothers, Nikhil and Nithin Kamath, Super Mom Revathi Kamath shares her insights and stories about the brothers and their stunning home.

Ramesh Aravind on The BHIVE Show – Trailer Launch!

Stars aligned so well for us that Sandalwood superstar Mr. Ramesh Aravind agreed to be the guest for the very first episode.

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Explore our professional, curated podcast content.

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