Staying productive, even during the summers

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staying productive

Wondering ways of staying productive, especially during the summers?

The drop in productivity leads to the development of bad habits, such as procrastination or postponing the completion of activities or pending tasks.

Procrastination increases during the summer for several reasons. One is that the time to carry out tasks is greater, but most people do not organize properly.

To overcome these obstacles, here are five tips to increase productivity levels this summer:

1. Sunlight:

Summer in Bangalore is characterized by the ‘summer showers’. Compared to the north of India, the south is much rainier in July.

Surely you have heard that the rain makes you more sensitive or makes you lazier. Or that on some summer afternoons when the rain and heat invite you to stay at home.

And there are so many people whose moods become almost depressed when it rains in summer. Some scientists decided to find out the correlation between mood and rain and if rain really depresses us or makes us work less.

Sunlight is capable of increasing our serotonin levels, a hormone related to the feeling of well-being and positive mood.

An illuminated office will improve the mood of those who occupy it, resulting in a more productive environment.

2. Hydration:

Hydration is also vital to staying productive. When sweating is excessive, the body begins to lose minerals that contribute to better performance, both physical and mental. Water helps us stay hydrated, but drinking it lukewarm in summers will cause our mood to drop and laziness takes over. On the other hand, drinking cold water or an energy drink will keep us alert in the office.

3. Swimming:

In sports terms, swimming is a fairly complete sport that, in addition to toning muscles, helps us reduce body mass. During the summer, swimming before or after our daily routine will keep us fresh, increasing the endorphin and oxytocin levels as well. Swimming keeps us occupied and improves our productivity.

4. Fresh Diet:

During working days in summer, there are many elements that can wear down both the body and the mind. Proper nutrition can increase productivity by 20%, so it is essential to know what foods to eat this season and what not to.

Sugars and healthy fats are necessary for our brains to enable peak performance, but maintaining a fresh diet is equally important. It is essential to consume fruits during the summer since they provide the vitamins, minerals, and fiber necessary for a good nutritional and health status which in turn increases our energy and productivity.

5. Ventilation:

As good as cold air feels coming into the office from the street on a hot day, many offices tend to be too cold. This is not just about comfort.

Several investigations suggest that there is a link between the temperature of a workplace and productivity. If the body cools down, productivity will also generally go down, but if the body finds the perfect temperature during the summer, it will provide ample energy and motivation to get any job done.

So now you know, during the summer we can be extra productive or just come home and open that chilled beer after work. Cheers!

– By Mafer Gonzalez, MKT – BHIVE Workspace

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