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By Published On: August 15th, 2022Categories: Managed Office2.6 min read
new normal at office

With the return to the new normal at office in Bangalore, companies are establishing processes to reopen their organizations. However, bringing people back to offices will be no small task. Each company is unique and should have various considerations.

Some companies have employees with processes that allow them to continue working remotely. But, there are many others that may have staff with points of sale, stores, customer service and other spaces that require a fresh start altogether.

In any case, each entrepreneur is facing similar concerns: when to start, safety, communication and the right way forward.

Currently, several companies have detected the areas that are adversely affected by the economic situation, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Likewise, they are also beginning to have a clearer picture of the medium and long-term goals to carry out. These actions would facilitate the return to the “new normal at office”, as the situation allows.

In labor matters, new measures will surely emerge to protect the health and well-being of employees in the workplace. Additionally, strategies to boost their productivity, regardless of whether they work from the office or remotely will also be set-up.

The results of a survey launched by PWC depict a tendency for the “Work from Home” (WFH) model to become increasingly permanent. These new forms of work would form part of this new normal that companies are building for the near future.

Nearly a fifth (19%) of employees would prefer to work fully remotely, even if COVID-19 was no longer a health concern.

An almost equal percentage (22%) would prefer to work from the office primarily (only 1 day a week at WFH). Meanwhile, 3 in 10 respondents (37%) would agree with a hybrid work model, with some days in the office and others remote.

Like consumers, human capital has also evolved digitally. In record time, they acquired the necessary knowledge to carry out their duties without the forced requirement of their presence.

Crucial steps to successfully return to the office after COVID-19:

  1. Frequently communicate plans to return to the office – Prepare people for the return to the office with regular communications. It must be recognized that many people still experience uncertainty and will need to adjust to the new work environment.
  2. Set specific deadlines – People need to be clear about when the return to face-to-face work begins. Deadlines must be granted to alleviate part of the mental load of the collaborators associated with uncertainty.
  3. Productivity depends on each person – What people want when they return to the office will depend on job responsibilities and their style of working/personality. Some co-workers thrive in a nice office space.
  4. Increase flexibility – The pandemic continues and, depending on where people live, its development may mean that some may continue to get sick. Companies must provide quarantine and recovery periods.

Regardless of how the return to the office is, the key is to always support and interact with collaborators along the way, maintaining a non-toxic and pleasant environment for everyone. Making sure people feel like they have options that suit their needs is key to retaining top talent.

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