International Dog Day! A blog by BHIVE!

By Published On: August 22nd, 2022Categories: Managed Office2.5 min read
international dog day

August 26 was International Dog Day!

Wondering why a coworking space is writing a blog on the day to celebrate dogs? Well, having policies to provide pet-friendly managed working spaces, BHIVE believes in the freedom and welfare of having pets in workspaces.

What do we intend to do?

We plan on inviting all the ‘pawners’ at BHIVE and celebrating the lives of these furry bundles of joy. The planned events for the day include meet and greet among pawners and pets, and ‘pupper and pawner’ stalls set up by Heads Up For Tails, Cessna Lifeline, and BeingDogs. In addition, we will be putting up a photo booth and are inviting the folks from Cross Track Dog Training and are planning to conduct a small show with basic training ideas for pawners!

How should you celebrate International Dog Day?

  • Without any doubt, there’s no better way to celebrate the ‘pawsome’ day than by adopting a dog. There are innumerable puppers in need out there. Puppers that need affection and give it back to us exponentially, without second thoughts. Rescuing or adopting and giving these amazing creatures a good life is indeed a great deed.
  • Now, if you already have a furry mate at home, why don’t you take them for a longer walk than usual? Better still, why not a spa treatment to pamper them a bit!
  • Get personalized gifts for your puppers. Click some wonderful pictures and post them on your social media. Well, if somebody tells you it makes no sense for the pets, tell them all of their parents’ gifts for them as infants were stupid too! 😉 #ShotsFired!
  • Now for our personal favorite way to celebrate International Dog Day, donate to an animal charity of your own choice. Your donations at the local dog shelter will definitely make a difference.


“Heaven goes by favor. If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in” – Mark Twain


Significance of the day:

Even though the celebration has been around only for less than two decades, it has helped to put the spotlight on many dogs out there who might need adoption or even rescue! Especially in a city like ours, there are thousands of strays who yearn for your attention and love. The aim of the day is to encourage people out there to take a step toward making sure these dogs enjoy a happier and better life. One where they get a good life that they truly deserve.

We celebrate all dogs on the day. Unlike humans, they don’t classify or distance each other with respect to breed or creed…neither should we. They come in all shapes and forms, with one thing in common… the love for life and their beloved ‘hooman’! Let’s provide them with a safe, loving, and caring environment. One where they wag their tails in joy and enjoy the breeze while popping their heads out the window!

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