STOP being exploited as a freelancer!

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stop being exploited as a freelancer

How coworking helps freelancers?

Wondering how Coworking helps to STOP being exploited as a freelancer? Coworking can help all freelancers out there to stop freelancers from being exploited! Have you wondered about overcoming the various hurdles as a freelancer who has to deal with clients? The following blog can help you!

First and foremost, being part of a coworking campus helps you network and find clients, creating personal bonds and not just a virtual client relationship. There are various tips on how to overcome other challenges as a freelancer below.

Starting out in the freelance world, it’s hard to spot the dangers of exploitation. In the name of exposure and growth, new freelancers often trivialize their worth. It’s all too easy to waste your time or naively lend your skills and end up with nothing to show for it.

Here are four ways that you can identify exploitation in freelancing and opt for honest, rewarding gigs instead.

1. Ask the Right Questions

If a freelance request is vague, don’t assume that means the company will take anything you give them. Follow up with questions until you reach a definitive understanding of their expectations. In the long run, you’ll save yourself from handing out your well-crafted work in exchange for nothing.

2. Value Your Time

You are the only person in control of your fees and your schedule. Never settle for impossible work hours or your time off. Stop accepting underpayment for high-quality work. Coworking spaces and networking can help you share work opportunities that appeal to others in your field.

3. Reach a Written Agreement

Without a written agreement and a sense of trust, there’s no reason to accept and perform the work as a freelancer. A written agreement can protect you from missing out on the payment you deserve.

4. Choose the Right Clients

Be wary of who you hand your work over to. Trustworthy partnerships mean there’s a better chance your clients won’t fail to pay or fail to give you credit. Even without a steady flow of clients, even when you’re getting desperate, it’s still worthwhile to be selective about who you do business with so you can thrive in a flexible career.

We hope this blog helps you in running your freelance career smoother and that you stop being exploited as a freelancer! Let us know if these tips helped you or if you learned anything new!

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