Coworking Spaces and Technology – How tech is evolving how you work!

By Published On: November 28th, 2022Categories: Managed Office1.2 min read
coworking spaces and technology

Coworking Spaces and Technology – How tech is evolving how you work!

The rise of coworking spaces and the associated practice of coworking has fundamentally challenged the concepts of the traditional workplace and the location of creative work. As many large companies are jumping to coworking spaces, there has been a significant shift toward these modern spaces that enable collaboration. Many global giants including Apple and Microsoft have moved bases to these tech-savvy, creative clusters in pursuit of collaborations and cost benefits.

A recent survey’s results show that approximately 1.1 million people are working in more than 14 thousand coworking spaces around the globe. Across the 18 functional coworking spaces maintained by BHIVE, we ourselves house thousands of members! In addition to this, we have the largest coworking campus in the country, the 8000-seater BHIVE Workspace HSR Campus!

Here is a list of the most important and essential technological needs and tools at coworking spaces to enable better productivity among members:

  • Advanced building access
  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • Fast internet connection
  • Conference room bookings
  • Flat digital screens and tablets
  • Connected printers
  • Work management tools
  • Apple TV and HDMI cables
  • Digital payment system

Final thoughts on coworking spaces and technology

There are many seeking opportunities to create meaningful collaborations that stimulate creativity and aid in community building. Coworking spaces are a convenient setup to become an answer for these queries, boosting productivity. These spaces additionally aid in boosting both organizational structure and technological infrastructure.

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