Cracking the Coworking Campus Model with BHIVE HSR Campus

By Published On: November 14th, 2022Categories: Managed Office1.6 min read
cracking the coworking campus model

The Coworking Campus at BHIVE HSR CAMPUS

As a key coworking industry leader in India, BHIVE Workspace has been able to execute cracking the coworking campus model in India, something even global players in the industry have been unable to do. The primary aspect of being successful in this regard was to research and evaluate the pain points of coworkers. Also observing closely, why many who could choose this workspace option are still paying for a space and managing the associated roadblocks.

We give opportunities to experience the facilities and benefits of a coworking campus starting at dirt-cheap prices. In the future, we intend to keep giving opportunities for anyone interested in exploring the coworking community life, a shot at doing so. As a coworking campus with a buzzing community of coworkers, we have worked hard. BHIVE has done this by keeping your convenience and experience at the core of our ideas.

We provide ‘BHIVE SHUTTLE SERVICE’, one of its kind facility among coworking spaces to make the commute to and from work seamless, considering the difficulty most face while booking office rides. We are also looking forward to the next stage of Metro being initiated by June 2023. Once that happens, the HSR Campus would go on to become the closest workspace to HSR Metro Station.

Besides having pantry areas and food courts, we have introduced the Metro Kitchen Truck. Thus, we intend on giving options when it comes to choosing the food joint for the day! Plans are in place for music shows! Soon enough our members will be enjoying live music shows after work, every Friday! The safety of our coworking community is no joke for us at BHIVE. We are quite proud to claim that we’re the only Occupancy Certified workspace in HSR.

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