Managed office spaces enhance work-life balance! Detailed

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managed office work-life balance

How can managed office spaces enhance your work-life balance? A detailed research

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  • How do managed office spaces enhance work-life balance?
  • Tips for Leveraging Managed Office Spaces for Better Work-Life Balance
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Managed office spaces have been known to help businesses save unnecessary costs and provide many other benefits. While companies might adopt the managed office spaces for their own benefit, these spaces indirectly also uplift the living standards and work-life balance of their employees.

Work-life balance is an essential aspect of today’s fast-moving world. In an era where we often don’t get time to enjoy our lives to the fullest and specifically focus on work, our lives ultimately become boring, which might lead to depression and instability of mind. Therefore, to balance our daily work with enjoying life is essential. 

Undoubtedly, with a unique working environment, managed office spaces can enhance the work-life balance of people in various ways. In this article, we will know in detail how working in an office with managed spaces plays a vital role in balancing the work and life of an employee and also uplifts their living standards. 


How Managed Office Spaces Enhance Work-Life Balance?

Managed office space directly and indirectly plays a major role in balancing the work and life of a corporate employee. Here is how managed office spaces do so in various ways: 


One of the prime benefits of working in a managed office space is the flexibility it offers to its employees. In a managed office, you are likely to get flexible working hours. This gives an employee the freedom to choose their preferred shifts and work according to their availability. 

Along with this, managed office spaces also let employees choose their preferred working environment which ultimately releases employees from the unnecessary workload.

Less Stress of Daily Commute

Managed office spaces often allow employees the opportunity to work from home. Moreover, with the introduction of more and more satellite offices being developed, employees can enjoy the freedom of working at office spaces nearest to their residence while also making their contribution to the organization.

Enhanced Well-Being

Managed office spaces come equipped with various wellness facilities and amenities that ensure the good health and fitness of employees. With modern facilities such as gyms or yoga centers being developed at managed office spaces, employees can be assured not to miss out on their daily workout sessions and fitness goals.

Focused Environment

Managed office spaces often have dedicated areas for various tasks and types of work. While a particular space is dedicated to a particular task only, employees can focus well on their work away from all the other distractions.

Unlike traditional workspaces that include the same space for every work, including office meetings, brainstorming sessions, etc., modern-day managed office spaces have been known to provide dedicated rooms along with professional support services to help employees complete their tasks within the given deadline and focus.

Tips for Leveraging Managed Office Spaces for Better Work-Life Balance

Whether you are an employee working in a managed office space or a business owner owning a corporate managed office space, there are a few key tips to keep in check that can help you leverage the standards of managed office spaces, providing a better work-life balance.

As a business owner, these tips can help your employees attain work-life balance and ensure their keen dedication towards the organization, or as an employee, these tips can help you maintain the perfect balance between your corporate and personal life. 

  • Choosing the Right Space: When choosing a managed office space, ensure that it is available at the perfect spot in the city. A perfect spot means an area that is easily commutable and well-connected with all the basic means of transportation, such as railways, roadways, and airports. 

This helps to ensure that employees can easily access the office space and less time is wasted commuting to the office.

  • Maximizing the Use of Amenities: As a corporate employee or a business owner, it becomes essential to ensure that all the amenities available in your managed office space are put to maximum use. This is because amenities and facilities in a managed space are made available with the sole purpose of maximizing productivity. 

By using them wisely, employees can not only enhance their productivity but also maintain their work-life balance by paying attention to both sides.

  • Integrating Work and Life Efficiently: When working in a managed office space, integrating your work and life efficiently is an essential task. This includes dedicating an appropriate proportion of time to both sides so as not to compromise or miss out on important aspects of any of them. 

Utilizing managed office spaces to their maximum potential can undoubtedly help you integrate work and life efficiently. This ensures that employees can easily attain work-life balance and enjoy their corporate as well as personal lifestyle. 


Due to the various benefits and work-life balance opportunities that managed office spaces bring with them, their demand in the corporate world is rising at a rapid rate. As a corporate employee or a business owner, it becomes essential to consider managed office spaces to ensure enjoying a healthy corporate and personal life.

Choose BHIVE to help you find the perfect managed office spaces anywhere in India. With our guaranteed spacing solutions, we are confident to help you maintain the perfect work-life balance every employee seeks in the corporate world.


  1. How does your office space impact employee well-being?

Office spaces have a great impact on the health of an employee. Flexible office spaces can motivate employees to work at their desired working hours and in a work style they prefer. This ensures that employees remain comfortable and are not forced to follow a particular working style. With such flexibilities offered, the well-being of employees often depends on their office space.

  1. How important is office space?

Office spaces are extremely important from an employee’s as well as an owner’s perspective. Since office space determines the overall productivity, performance, and growth of an organization, its role is extremely important in the corporate world. 

  1. What are the three benefits of organizing your workspace?

The three benefits obtained from organizing your workspace include enhanced productivity, employee satisfaction, and brand credibility.

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