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the future of meeting spaces

The future of Meetings: Innovative meeting spaces in Managed Office Environments


Meetings have always been an integral part of an organization, company, or business. Meeting spaces play an important role in helping employees of a company discuss vital information, share frequent updates, collaborate, and brainstorm ideas to help in the overall growth of the company.

Meetings are largely carried out on a daily basis in the corporate sector. A study reveals that around 83% of employees spend 1/3  of their workweek in meetings. This percentage keeps on increasing with the job profile.

With the introduction of managed office spaces, meetings have also experienced a reform in the pattern they used to be held. As the new office environments come into play, the future of meetings is also expected to take a major turn. 

In this article, we will discuss the future of meetings and how the introduction of managed office environments plays a major role in transforming them.

The Evolution of Meeting Spaces

Meetings in an organization are often held in a dedicated meeting space to ensure complete attention and an undisturbed environment to carry out important discussions. Ever since the corporate world took rise, meeting spaces have largely evolved themselves. 

Earlier, companies used to have a traditional meeting setup that would consist of a normal dedicated room. Employees would gather together and discussions were simply carried out with the help of traditional means such as a board and duster, etc. 

As the corporate world witnessed the introduction of technology, meeting rooms evolved rapidly throughout the corporate sector. The modern meeting spaces came equipped with various tools and software to carry out smooth and productive meetings. These included the integration of tools such as AR and VR, enhanced AI tools, flexible spaces, and more. 

How Managed Office Environments Have Influenced Meeting Rooms?

Managed office environments have completely transformed the future of meetings in the corporate world. This is due to the various features that have upgraded meeting spaces in the managed office environments. Let us know about some of these features in detail.

Technology Integration

Managed office environments brought a transformative change to meeting spaces with the introduction of technology. As technology takes over every aspect of the corporate world, the future of meeting spaces is likely to be integrated with smart tools and software. 

Such software can include collaborative team meetings such as Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. Along with this, the introduction of smart meeting rooms has also made meetings even more productive and easy to conduct. The use of smart boards, automated scheduling, and video conferencing are the features that have completely transformed meeting spaces. 

Flexible Layouts

Managed office spaces are designed with the motive to become cost-effective for a business. With their focus on integrating flexible spaces, modern meeting rooms also provide a flexible environment.

A flexible meeting space is one that is equipped with modular furniture that can be transformed to meet various meeting environments. Hence, such meeting spaces can be upgraded or downgraded as per the needs of the organization without incurring any additional costs.


Modern office spaces in the future can be expected to be extremely cost-effective as well as sustainable. As the demand for managed office spaces increases, companies seek to adopt eco-friendly methods and energy-efficient designs to ensure zero damage to the environment. 

This will lead to the development of sustainable meeting rooms that will prove to be extremely efficient and sustainable.

Advantages of Managed Office Environments for Meetings

Managed office spaces greatly contribute to easing the conduction of frequent and productive meetings for an organization. Here are the various advantages that managed office environments have on meetings:

  • Scalability: Managed office spaces provide scalable environments for meetings. This unlocks the ability for organizations to adjust meeting rooms according to the needs of the project, say, the team size, etc.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Managed office spaces also reduce the overall maintenance cost for meeting spaces in a company. With a cost-effective approach, companies can easily cut unnecessary costs for the regular maintenance of meeting rooms.
  • Flexibility: Modern-day meeting rooms are designed to host a diverse range of meetings for various types of organizations or businesses. Therefore, by providing a flexible meeting room, it becomes easy for companies to book a customized meeting space on demand.

Future Trends of Meeting Spaces

The future of meeting spaces with managed office spaces seems to introduce a lot of new features to enhance the productivity of a company. Here are some future trends that are likely to be a part of meeting spaces in managed office environments.

  • Hybrid Meeting Models: The future of meeting rooms is likely to witness the introduction of hybrid meeting models. These hybrid meeting models are the ones that have the capability to host both physical and virtual meeting spaces. Therefore, businesses can enjoy the flexibility of carrying out meetings according to their preferences.
  • Customized Solutions: Upcoming meeting spaces in managed offices are likely to provide a customized solution to companies. Such spaces will be able to adapt to different types of meetings and team preferences to increase overall productivity.
  • Employee-Focused Meeting Rooms: Meeting spaces of the future will also be designed to keep in check the good health of their employees, wellness, and sustainability.


Therefore, the future of meeting spaces is yet to unlock a lot of potential features that can contribute widely to result in more productive meeting rooms. However, the present-day managed office spaces are also equipped with some of the best meeting spaces as compared to the traditional days.

If you are looking for managed office spaces that come attached with excellent meeting rooms, consider checking out BHIVE. At BHIVE, you can find custom solutions to meeting spaces that are aligned perfectly with the needs of your organization. 



  1. What does the future of meetings look like?

The future of meetings is likely to include much more integration of technology in it. As a result, future meeting rooms will be able to host a diverse range of meetings carried out in physical as well as virtual environments.

  1. How can technology make meetings more effective?

Technology can play a major role in making meetings more effective. This can be with the use of real-time collaboration tools, file sharing, virtual conferencing, easy scheduling and coordination, and other efficient engagement tools. 

  1. Are virtual meetings the future?

Virtual meetings are likely to overtake physical meetings in the future. This is because of them being conducted easily and at any place. However, physical meetings have their own significance and are still expected to be an important aspect in the future. 

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