Comparing Managed Office Spaces: What sets BHIVE apart?

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comparing managed office spaces


Managed office spaces have been in great demand in the corporate world. In a country like India, where corporate companies constantly seek a place in the highly competitive market, managed office spaces act as a great saviour.

Eliminating the fashion of traditional working spaces, various companies in the market have come up with managed office space solutions. BHIVE is a prominent name among the list of such companies which is known for its excellent quality managed office space solutions in almost every city of India. 

In this article, we will compare various managed office space solutions and know the unique features and perks that come attached when seeking office space with BHive.


Key Features of Managed Office Spaces

Before comparing the features of BHIVE’s managed office spaces with others, it is important to understand the key features that managed office spaces offer. Here are some unique features and benefits that managed office spaces have over traditional ones:

Personalized Spaces and Flexibility

Managed office spaces are created in a manner that they can be aligned perfectly with the needs of a particular business or company. Providing customizable office solutions, these office spaces are made to suit the needs of a company based on their niche, say medical, technical needs, civil management, etc. 

Along with this, managed office spaces are also flexible, i.e., a single office space can be used for multiple purposes. This prevents the need for businesses to dedicate separate office spaces for different purposes.


One of the main reasons why a lot of corporate companies and businesses have been adopting managed office space solutions is because of their cost-effectiveness. Managed offices are made with the objective of minimizing the unnecessary expenses that businesses otherwise have to bear in traditional workspaces. 

Therefore, managed office spaces provide transparent billing services with no hidden charges along with competitors providing cutting-edge pricing models to make managed office spaces even more affordable for you.

Located at Prime Locations

A well-managed office space must be located in the perfect spot in the city. This can be the city center or areas where there is potential for corporate growth for companies or businesses. Along with this, managed office spaces must also be ensured to be constructed at places that are well-connected with commuting spots, such as airports, railway stations, and more. 

Networking Opportunities

Managed office spaces provide a collaborative environment for employees to work together and maximize productivity. As a result, it also offers various networking and community-building opportunities. 

Additionally, managed office spaces are also sometimes coworking office spaces where various businesses share the same amenities and resources to ensure a low cost. This also provides an opportunity to meet business professionals and increases the chance of effective collaborations.


BHIVE vs. Traditional Office Setups

When compared to traditional office setups, BHIVE provides managed office solutions that are extremely beneficial for corporate companies and businesses. Here are the numerous benefits that BHIVE workspaces provide you with:


  • Easy Setups: BHive ensures that its customers have to bear the minimum pain in setting up workspaces. Providing ease of setup, you get a completely ready-to-use managed office space aligned perfectly with your business requirements.
  • Cost Saving: With the most competitive rates in the market, BHIVE ensures to provide you with an affordable renting option for the best-managed spaces. Unlike traditional office spaces, there are no hidden charges or lease agreements needed to rent a managed office from BHIVE.
  • Flexibility: BHIVE-managed office spaces are extremely flexible and can be put to multiple use. Perfect for startups, small businesses, or organizations looking for multipurpose office spaces, these office spaces are all you need.


BHIVE vs. Other Managed Office Providers

Undoubtedly, there are a lot of other managed office space providers in the market. However, BHIVE guarantees to have a competitive edge in the market due to various reasons.


  • Market Reputation: When compared with its competitors, BHIVE has been able to secure a good market reputation in the managed office space world. With a very high client satisfaction rate, BHIVE ensures to provide you with the perfect service that aligns with your needs. Overall, BHIVE also has a reputed image in the market to serve some of the best clients out there.
  • Experienced Team: BHIVE has been successfully providing managed office space solutions to a huge number of clients ever since its establishment. Thus, with an experienced team and professional working style, we ensure to provide quality services when looking for a managed office space.



To sum up, the demand for comparing managed office spaces is constantly rising, primarily in cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, and Gurugram. With such a high demand, it often becomes difficult to find the perfect office space solutions in the market. 

Consider BHIVE to help you find the perfect managed office spaces anywhere in the country that align with your business needs and are also affordable. BHIVE excels in providing office solutions from startups to established organizations with ease.



  • How long has BHIVE been in the managed office space segment?

BHIVE was established in 2014 and has been providing managed office space solutions ever since. In just 10 years of its existence, BHIVE has been able to make a reputed position in the market serving clients perfectly to their satisfaction. 

  • Is there commercial real estate available at BHIVE?

BHIVE can undoubtedly help you find the perfect commercial real estate properties. Whether you want to rent it or invest in it, consider BHive as your sole partner in the process.

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