Coworking Industry Trends To Look Forward To

By Published On: October 3rd, 2022Categories: Managed Office1.3 min read
Coworking industry trendsBHIVE PREMIUM

Coworking is getting all the hype in 2022 and there are quite a few noticeable coworking industry trends. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

  1. Community & Well-Being as a Primary Focus
  2. Automation to Boost Members’ Experience & Managers’ Productivity
  3. Corporate Coworking
  4. Innovation & Diversity
  5. Popularization of Hybrid Coworking Spaces
  6. Health-focused Designs
  7. Social Centers

Amongst most coworking brands, especially BHIVE, community and well-being have become key focus areas. We understand your needs and look after you and your members with great care and utmost attention. By giving maximum attention to detail, we’re ensuring our coworkers feel part of our community and are in their mental and physical state of well-being.

We have brought innovation through automation in our workspaces, enhancing productivity and experience while being creative with your work. Ensuring corporates have a smooth onboarding is another key focus area for us as we look forward to making the experience one of its kind for those moving.

Innovation and diversity have been coworking industry trends almost since inception but still, continue to do so. This is something BHIVE as a brand is especially proud about. We believe in including all our members, without ANY prejudice, whatsoever.

Since the pandemic, coworking has seen an immense rise, and a hybrid coworking model has played a significant role in this. This mode of coworking has enabled our members to work remotely or even from one of our 17 centers that are in closer proximity to their homes. Our tech-enabled workspaces offer you a seamless experience to work without hassles, from any location you prefer to operate from.

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