Coworking Industry Common Myths EXPOSED!

By Published On: October 10th, 2022Categories: Managed Office2.4 min read
Coworking industry myths

There are various coworking industry myths that are quite common and it is time that we address some of them. We are avoiding some myths like Coworking spaces are the same as regular office spaces. This is because, in 2022, we are sure everyone understands the difference between the same.

Coworking Spaces Are Extremely Costly

Coworking Spaces being extremely expensive is a fear many startups tend to have. What they don’t realize is, provided they have to hire a space and a team for its management, they most definitely will end up shelling out more for less. There are various provisions to make your life easier in coworking spaces. Many of these make tasks hassle-free for you, without you even having to pay attention to them.

Noise & Distraction

This is quite a popular myth, that coworking spaces are noisy and may distract your team, hampering their productivity. However, practical examples of brands working out of coworking spaces have always been the best argument for this! While it holds true that your employees have the space to interact with external company members, it doesn’t imply lesser productivity. It is in fact highly possible that your colleagues might get inspired by their coworkers toward smart and innovative work.

Also, all coworking spaces of BHIVE have been designed with the key idea that the members should have a productive environment where they can work peacefully. Networking is an angle that should be seen as a boon in 2022 and should be utilized instead of being despised.

They are only perfect for Startups, Solopreneurs, and Freelancers

Do only startups with a minimal workforce and freelancers prefer coworking spaces? Very untrue, in fact, the biggest tech giants in the market like Google and Amazon have chosen to work from coworking spaces. Working out of such spaces has allowed the giants to employ many skilled resources without having to bring them all under the same roof. Using coworking spaces gives them an “extended roof”, under which all their employees have the ability to work seamlessly.

Coworking spaces cannot be limited to any industry or profession. Nor can it be limited to specific team sizes. Coworking spaces are becoming the number one space solution for most employers in 2o22! This is visible in the current trend of using coworking spaces across industries. And these are definitely decisions taken after close scrutiny.

Coworking Spaces Are Short Term

Another popular but untrue belief, coworking spaces are only for the short term! The truth of the matter is most of our customers come in and book spaces for a year or two in advance! There are also many members who have already started renewing their previous agreements for longer tenure!

So yeah, essentially coworking spaces are a great solution if you have workspace requirements! Let us know if there are some unlisted common myths you have heard before!

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