Explaining coworking industry terms

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BHIVE Startup Program

Explaining coworking industry terms


Day Pass

Day passes are ideal for those who are conducting a recce for the right place to set their base in a coworking space. Available at BHIVE Workspaces from just Rs. 99, these passes could also be an ideal gift for your friend who’s looking for a place to get his startup initiated or rolling.

Weekend Pass

Weekend passes are for those who hustle on weekends! Available at cheaper rates, this weekend passes enable you to visit any of our 17 locations and choose the ideal workspace for the weekend. Advantages? You have a better environment to work on the weekend, with an opportunity to create a better network which may prove an advantage for your budding entrepreneurship!

Bulk Pass

This is an exciting offer for those looking for a slightly longer stint than a weekend at coworking spaces. With a bulk pass, you pay for 8 days but get access to 10! What does this mean? You end up paying just about Rs. 79 per day! We don’t intend to boast, but hey this is probably one of the best offers in our industry.

Startup Program

The startup program is our designated scheme to empower the startup city of India! With exclusive price slashes that make booking seats a true bargain, the program will aid you while creating a foothold or niche of your own. If you’re a startup and you’re looking for office locations in prime areas of Bangalore, our startup program is the perfect solution for you.

All Day Access

All Day Access is actually no different than a day pass! You spend money to buy a day pass or if you’re gifted a pass by a friend, you get access to any BHIVE Workspace (Subject to seat availability) for 24 hours, without any hassles. The 24 hours start ticking only once you’ve presented the pass and entered the workspace.

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