Coworking Space Brands – A Review

By Published On: September 26th, 2022Categories: Managed Office1.2 min read
coworking space brands

Coworking Space Brands. Which are the most popular? A blog by BHIVE Workspace.

Initiated by Adam Neumann, whose brainchild WeWork took over the world by surprise conceptually, is growing and spreading across. There are numerous coworking spaces out there that are actively promoting a modern work culture.

Coworking space brands that operate in Bengaluru include BHIVE Workspace, WeWork, 91Springboard, The Hub, Awfis, Unispace, Indiqube, etc., among many more.

BHIVE Workspace is the largest chain of coworking spaces among Indian brands and has 17 locations spread across Bangalore. In September 2022, they launched the largest standalone coworking space in India. Garuda BHIVE Workspace, a 5000-seater located in BTM Layout. This is in addition to the 8000+ seater mega coworking BHIVE HSR Campus they have.

Coworking spaces are becoming the go-to choice for offices and companies in tier 2 and 3 cities in addition to already being popular in the metropolitans. In addition to opening doors to networking, this also enables smaller startups and companies with a smaller workforce to maintain an exquisite office space without having to hire a dedicated team for it. The advantages to working out of coworking space brands are many and have been mentioned in our previous blogs as well. It all winds down to one simple question… To be a part of the hive or not to be! We certainly hope your answer is yes. If not, we suggest you take a tour of a BHIVE Workspace located closest to you!

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