Attending a Startup Event Hosted by BHIVE Workspace – My experience!

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attending a startup event

My Experience of Attending a Startup Event Hosted by BHIVE Workspace

I have been a part of BHIVE as a Marketing and Content writing Intern since 10 days now. I have had such great experience of working with some great minds on a pretty amazing idea of providing something much more than just a working space. The BHIVE Workspace Community has grown to a number of 6,634 members and has successfully organized 340 events which is a huge number.

The spirit of BHIVE is something far from imagination and was evidently marked by the event that took place on this pleasant evening of 15th June, 2016 from 6:30PM to 8:30PM. I had the fortunate opportunity of attending this event and enjoying it to the fullest. Pitching to Investors by Mr Abhay Tandon not only proved to be a huge success but also helped the participants in a lot of ways. It was a full house, 90 people attending the event. Out of them, only one was previously funded and rest all were the ones who had come to learn how to make a good pitch deck.

It was an immense honour to meet Abhay Tandon, Mentor at BHIVE, as the speaker for the session. After interviewing him right before the event I found that even while possessing immense experience and expertise, he is very humble and modest.


The interview went on something like this-

Aakriti: You are this amazing Investment Consultant. In your perception, what is that one thing or one question that mostly pitchers fail to answer or answer terribly?

Abhay Tandon: 1) Goal and Business model. Pitchers mostly lack that clarity of their goal and the vision for their idea or start-up and

2) Finance and Evaluation. A basic idea of how much funding do they require and why. It is very important and that’s what I feel lacks on the pitcher’s side. At least they should work upon a range according to which they should pitch to investors.

Aakriti: What do you think lacks in the start-up ecosystem in our country that entrepreneurs need to work upon?

Abhay Tandon: From entrepreneurs perspective, they’ve become very desperate for funding their idea or start-up. This is without even thinking extensively whether they need that funding at the time or not. Firstly, validation of the whole idea should be given prime importance. And from investor’s perspective, the risk taking appetite of investors should increase. That’s what I feel is different in the investors of the Silicon Valley.

Aakriti: You’ve been associated with BHIVE as a mentor for the longest period of time now. What would you want to say about BHIVE?

Abhay Tandon: Over the years, the growth of BHIVE that I have personally seen is commendable. I am here for the third time, and I feel that BHIVE has really bridged the gaps between many aspects. It is adding value with each passing day.

According to an attendee, the session actually was very insightful and solved a lot of doubts she had related to pitching. She will be looking forward to more such events.

attending a startup event

The session involved a fantastic presentation, QnA round and ended with demo pitching by Prasad Basavaraj, Chetan Agrawal, and Rajesh G. I would want to thank each one who participated and contributed in making the event a huge success.

Article Author: Aakriti Sachdeva is from the city famous for wood crafting, Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Writing is something she loves to do and will continue to till the time ends. She has been working as Publisher and Editor at Bameslog for 2 years and have been writing for 6 years, starting from her school days. She joined BHIVE for my summer internship on 6th June, 2016 as an intern. Her experience with BHIVE has been phenomenal and she is quite optimistic that it will achieve its goals very soon.

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