Sit correctly at your desk – Keep your back safe!

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Sit correctly at your desk… It’s important!

Breathe in, straighten your spine one vertebrae at a time, put your feet firmly on the ground and place your arms in an L-shape in front of you. No, this is not a meditation or yoga class. This is supporting your health through the everyday habit of a correct seating position.

Many of us spend most of our time sitting at a desk in the office; hard-working startup founders and employees especially. Thus it becomes all the more important that we do it correctly in order to save our spine. So, here is a short guide to correct sitting.

Before you actually start working make sure your equipment is adjusted correctly. So, sit down and take a few minutes for your back.

1. When sitting, your feet should be placed firmly on the ground. Adjust your chair’s height in order to achieve this. If your chair is not adjustable get a footrest.
2. Knees are about the same height as the hips. Your thighs should be about parallel to the floor. Your thighs and calves form an L-shape at a 90-degree angle.
3. Shoulders are relaxed and upper arms are vertical (about 90 degrees) to the floor when in working position. Adjust your chair and desk height if possible.
4. Hands, wrists, and forearms are straight, in line, and parallel to the floor. They form an L-shape with the upper arms.
5. The head should be in line with the torso. Look straight ahead or bend the head slightly. Get a small stand for your screen if your desk does not have an elevated part for your screen or laptop.

Now that we have the correct posture keep a few things in mind that you should absolutely avoid:


1. Cross your legs.
2. Pin your phone between your shoulder and ear.
3. Squint at your computer screen. Keep your computer close enough not to have to lean over.

No matter how good your posture is, sitting on a chair is not a natural position for our body. Therefore, for good back health, it is crucial to move. Adjust your posture slightly, get up, stretch, walk the stairs instead of taking the elevator, and maybe even do a small (5-10 minute) workout routine that you follow several times a day. Even just getting up to get a cup of coffee or having a chat with your colleague can greatly improve your back health.

Every time you sit down, every time you begin a new task, remind yourself to sit up. Straighten your spine and get new energy for your next task through correct sitting posture!

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