How Coworking Campuses impact your business and how to leverage it as a founder!

By Published On: October 31st, 2022Categories: Managed Office1.8 min read
BHIVE PREMIUM Workspace - HSR Coworking CAMPUS

How Coworking Campuses can impact your business and how to leverage it as a founder?!


BHIVE Workspace HSR Campus is an excellent example of how curating a coworking community over maintaining just a coworking space gives you and your community innumerable benefits. While BHIVE does focus on providing all types of seating solutions like coworking, premium managed offices, and even customized offices, within the cocoon of their HSR Campus. The workspace, located in an accessible point of the city with an upcoming nearby metro station, enables many startups to grow, regardless of their size!


There are many brands from to, both very successful despite the difference in their sizes! Numerous events occur at the campus which allows you to have high networking opportunities with both peers and HNIs. There are occasional workshops that can help improve the productivity of your team in general.


Employee engagement activities become something that you get for granted with this BHIVE HSR Campus, without you having to brainstorm ideas before eventually playing a game of! Our multiple sports zones with both high and low-intensity games on offer besides the varying amenities like a free shuttle service for members. Areas like the koi pond, unicorn garden, and high tea areas to relax or conduct meetings are also available. These are on top of our complete support for your BYOB parties should be an easy deal-closer! Oh, and of course, it goes without mentioning that you get to enjoy the space and work in peace. That is without any hassles of housekeeping or acquiring provisions like stationeries! 


As a professional marketer, I feel that HSR Campus is a great tool for your marketing team also. They get to generate ample opportunities for the creation of both digital and other marketing content with provisions even for event areas to conduct large-scale programs if need be! The possibilities of networking are also massive as on any given day, there is a chance that you end up greeting or meeting almost 7000 other visionaries who are tackling their goals and roadblocks!

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BHIVE PREMIUM Workspace - HSR Coworking CAMPUSCoworking spaces case study of our biggest win
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