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events of april

Co-founder Findr Night – Citrus Payment Solutions & BHIVE


Events of April – BHIVE Workspace. A pure networking event, Co-founder Findr Night witnessed a breathtaking response, with over a 100 entrepreneurs taking the stage to find their significant other. Each member was allotted a time slot to express their idea/startup and raise interest in other participants to synergize.

There was great demand for Techies in the event, with majority of entrepreneurs in search for individuals with technical expertise. There was an air of celebration about, laughter, curiosity and great deal of conversations.

The event went about for over 3 hours, with Citrus Pay sponsoring snacks, beverages and an opportunity to link startups. Perhaps, not all participants found their significant other on that night. But, nevertheless a few did go home wiser, with a sense of achievement and a partner to take their venture to the next level.


Fuckup Nights @ BHIVE Workspace – Knowlarity


BHIVE Workspace in partnership with Knowlarity Communications Pvt Ltd staged the third edition of FuckUp Nights. An absolute success that witnessed over 70 members, FuckUp Nights unveiled riveting stories of failures. The stories from Ismail Sheriff, Co-founder, Torq Square; Nitish Gulati, failed product guy; and Satya Vyas, Co-founder, Orobind. Their stories enlightened the audience on reasons for a startups failure, gave deep insights and captured their imagination.

This edition of was stepped up from previous 2 editions as we brewed together quite a fascinating beverage to accompany stories of failure. The networking that followed afterward witnessed exciting connections and conversations between the members. Many of them had participated in the previous two editions of FuckUp Nights.


Panel discussion on HR for Startups. Meet InMobi, Hiree, Venturesity, Wipro

HR Panel2

An awe-inspiring panel of accomplished businessmen from the startup and corporate world, this event was an absolute success when it came to imparting wisdom on HR aspects of an organization. The panelist that partook in the event were  Manjunath Talwar– Founder& CEO at, Kevin Freitas – Head of Hiring at InMobi,  Subhendu Panigrahi – Co-founder at Venturesity, and  Sai Babu E V S – Vice President & Global Head – Talent Acquisition at Wipro Technologies. Each of them bringing years of experience and expertise to the table.

The moderator, Mr Nagraj Shriyan was exceptional at his role, often posing questions that coaxed the panelist into imparting wisdom and secrets of the HR realms.

An audience of 77 individuals, the event shined the evening and also made it to the newspapers. It all ended well with appetizing snacks, profuse conversations and priceless connections. These are our choices for events of april.

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