Economic impact of MNCs adopting Managed Office Spaces

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economic impact of managed offices on MNCs

The Economic Impact of MNCs Adopting Managed Office Spaces

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • How do managed office spaces impact MNCs economically
  • The growth rate of MNCs with managed offices
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs


With the growing IT sector global market the MNCs have spread worldwide to grow their business. The new trend followed worldwide is the Western culture of adopting managed office spaces by the MNC. This helps the MNC to grow further without many hurdles.

A managed office space is provided by a third party which is probably local to that country.  This workspace is provided to the MNCs to operate their businesses. Various amenities are present here by default like meeting rooms, reception desks, cubicles, and others which can be customized as per the requirement. This infrastructure is beneficial for both the managed office provider and MNC to maintain and manage an office environment.

How do Managed Office Spaces Impact MNCs economically?

Managed office faces are highly helpful to MNCs as they focus on providing an office space that is flexible according to the shifts and has advanced technology with benefits.

Some of the major economic factors that impact MNCs through managed office spaces are: 

  • Managed office spaces benefit MNCs from avoiding the hurdles of the real estate business. Thus saving the capital cost of investment.
  • As the third party already provides the maintenance services therefore managed office spaces prove MNC as an economic benefit. Reducing the burden on the company.
  • The short-term lease does not restrict the MNC with the managed office space helping in adopting the market as per the required location.
  • Through financial planning and budgeting of the managed office space transparency is maintained between the MNC and office space lender.
  • To provide an efficient work environment managed office spaces are designed in such a way with all the required amenities that can promote productivity within the company. 
  • A wellness area, playing center, gym, and other amenities are also provided in the managed office space infrastructure to promote a work-life balance for the employees. It also helps businesses to attract talented employees.
  • The vacant space of the managed office is being reduced so that the MNCs don’t pay for those spaces they are not using.
  • Keeping in mind the necessity of the employees managed office spaces are provided with the amenities that can be in future need of the employees.
  • The managed space setup helps businesses by providing scalability and flexibility.

The growth rate of MNCs with managed office spaces

While focusing on the work environment, managed office spaces are a must. Every company and employee wants a comfortable work culture to focus on their work. This helps them provide time-saving solutions for complex problems of the MNC. Therefore the benefits of managing office spaces are uncountable. 

Here you can find some of the most prominent professional, adjustability traits that are associated with fixed expenditure:


  • Managed office space helps MNCs focus only on their work rather than shifting their focus to real estate.
  • Since the major expenses of the managed office spaces are covered in the rental part for the MNC therefore it helps the MNC to save time and effort in tracking down each cost of investment for operations. 
  • Most of the MNCs look for managed office spaces at prime locations giving them the benefit of prestigious addresses, building connections with neighboring MNCs, and other benefits associated with access to premium places. 
  • The managed office spaces help the MNCs in maintaining a fixed budget annually or monthly for the office requirements therefore the growth rate of the company increases as the expenditure is limited and fixed with time.
  • With the changing market conditions and unpredictability of future outcomes, most of the MNCs are looking for managed office spaces that are helping them grow. 
  • The revolution of Technology in the Global Business Environment is encouraging MNCs to look for managed office spaces that are more economically beneficial than the traditional office spaces that are restricted to a particular location.
  • The collaborative infrastructure of the office space builds a connection among the employees enabling them to share ideas helping in the growth of the company.
  • The default utilities present at the managed office help the MNCs save time in managing the small needs of the business or the employees.
  • After the COVID  pandemic, the adoption of managed office spaces among MNCs is increasing since the new working model is hybrid for most of the companies. 
  • When an MNC is established in a market the managed office spaces provide them with the benefit of global expansion through extensive infrastructure helping in an efficient way of growing.



The managed office space provides a financial balance and economic benefit to multinational companies. Their prime goal is to provide scalability and flexibility to businesses by being cost-effective for operations. The future outcome of this trend will soon impact the real estate business. 

As this trend continues you can visit BHIVE which will provide you with more results where managed office spaces are being accepted by MNCs providing them and economic growth patterns.


What is the impact of MNCs on the Indian economy?

The introduction of technology, generation of jobs, expansion of the market, generation of profit, and usage of the right labor have provided growth in the economy of India.

How do MNCs affect the environment?

MNCs are focused on building an eco-friendly working environment, saving energy, and having Limited emissions of carbon and other pollutants. Thus, managed office spaces are the best solution.

What is the function of MNC?

Multinational Corporations (MNCs) provide a cooperative working environment in different countries to promote trade at a large scale. This helps in manufacturing abroad while building foreign investment.

How do MNCs help developing countries? 

MNCs help in the economic growth of a developing country by generating jobs and reducing unemployment in the country. The foreign trade by the MNC helps the country improve its economic infrastructure.

What is the impact of globalization?

The introduction of globalization around the globe has reduced the cost of manufacturing products.


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