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Hey, did you hear about the bloggers meetup that was hosted by BHIVE? The projector was removed, a quirky sofa replaced the formal seating of a table and chair. Some bean bags thrown here and some stools there, strings of fairy lights – stage was set for our Bloggers Meet. BHIVE is committed to building the bloggers forum in Bangalore and this event was the first of many to come that caters to several aspiring bloggers in the city. The idea was to create a community of bloggers who can learn from each other as well as inspire and support one and other. The idea was to discus topics like marketing oneself, maximizing partnerships and the art of storytelling.

The first edition focused on Lifestyle blogging with a talented line of panelists. John J Epan, the guy who dons many hats- A pilot, consultant, brewer and editor. He saw so many of them blogging about food, wine, cocktails but not beer in particular. His love for the 3rd most consumed beverage led to starting a blog – Tales of Froth. The mission was to spread awareness about Craft Beer/Beer through his blog, workshops, live events and contributing to various publications.

The next panelist for the day was Divya Maben. Her undying passion for fashion and a desire to make the world more beautiful turned her into a stylist and eventually a blogger. The last panelist was Dr. Neha Mathur who shows her lover for food on her blog – Whisk Affair. It was founded by her to keep a log of her best recipes and eventually grew with the love of her readers. To bind this all together we had the uber talented – Tarush Bhalla. He drove the panel discussion making sure all of the queries are answered.

While a lot was discussed on how to start a blog and make it more presentable to the audience, major stress was put the use of social media in promoting the post effectively. When asked for hacks John said, “Be creative while naming the blog, build suspense before for posts and be yourself”. Divya had her own set of tried and tested hacks. “Do not be a copycat, just because another blogger in your niche is writing about something you should not write about that.

The most beautiful blogs come out when you truly feel for the subject. Always keep an eye on what your readers like and try to engage them more. Interesting insights were shared on how to collaborate with other brands. “It is okay to begin collaborations free of cost, because it is all about what value the brand is adding to you. Eventually you can put an amount to such collaborations” said Dr Neha Mathur. The stage was later open for networking.

It was a pleasure meeting each one of the creative minds at the Bloggers MeetUp Vol. 1. We are looking forward to conducting the next bloggers meet already- to meet, learn and grow together.

Meanwhile, BHIVE is looking for guest bloggers. If you wish to showcase your work on our platform write to us, we would love to read your work.

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