Sprinters, the three day hackathon plans global expansion, launching their next program in Bengaluru, India. The hackathon is designed to support more women in the world of tech and entrepreneurship. Preliminary dates have been set for 20th – 22nd February 2016.

Sprinters gives women of any background and age the opportunity to not only dream but to create business cases by providing the resources and network to blossom as an entreprenHER.

Sprinters is now going global by starting out in India where the program has already seen a huge demand. The Sprint includes an online bootcamp covering essentials of launching a startup as well as a three day “healthy body, healthy mind” themed hackathon provided by healthy food and a yoga class on day two.

‘At Sprinters we cite our mission as threefold; one is supporting #EntreprenHERS, secondly we aim to revise the stats on diverse female founders regardless of an ethnic bias and three we aim to sustain each Sprint’ says Founder Mevish Aslam. The winning team from the Dublin Sprint, Symptomatic App won six months mentorship from prominent VC Brian Caulfield from Draper Espirit, an interview for NDRC’s launchpad accelerator, an interview at Irish Tech News, two tickets at the Web Summit and asupport network to drive the team forward. Sympotomatic App is a health diagnostic app designed to document symptoms of Crohn’s Disease.

Diversity Achieved

Out of the twenty two applicants in Dublin a total of eleven nationalities were represented. Participants were from China, India, Zimbabwe, Brazil and of course locals besides other nationalities. A phenomenal result. Caroline Reid from The Irish Refugee Council echoed this sentiment by stating ‘small acts, such as opening up this event to young women who are in or who have been through the asylum process, that takes down barriers and helps with integration and in this case skill development.”

By coinciding each hackathon with a mainstream tech event in the city, Sprinters works the network and industry buzz in favour of generating support at each Sprint. For instance Blippar CEO, Ambarish Mitra will be joining Sprinters as a judge next month and will also be speaking at a tech event in the same week. Ambarish stated,

“India’s entrepreneurial scene has grown rapidly and established the Indian ecosystem as a fertile ground for programs like Sprinters. Leveraging this community to support female entrepreneurship is a fantastic initiative. Contributing to the progress of Women’s Empowerment has always been very important to Blippar and myself.”

The venue for the first two days has been confirmed at Bhive HSR. Co founder Ravindra M.K reiterated,

“The Startup India initiative intends to build a strong ecosystem for nurturing innovation and Startups in the country that will drive sustainable economic growth and generate large scale employment opportunities. In recent months the number of women entrepreneurs & women participating in the startup ecosystem is growing rapidly. The industry have also taken notice of their contribution to the startup ecosystem. BHIVE supports the Sprinters program for the growth of women entrepreneurs & their community.”

The locus standi of women not only in tech but entrepreneurship is being revised by two ambitious women Mevish Aslam and Saskia Naujok. Despite working full time in startups the ladies are taking Sprinters to new heights by launching Sprinters on a global scale.

Early bird tickets are available now!

If you would like to get involved with Sprinters please email hello@sprinters.co​ and remember to share #SprintIndia :)

SPRINTER is a 3 day startup sprint for Women in Tech and Entrepreneurship and those who aspire to be. During the sprint entreprenHERS, leaders, mentors and innovators from the tech and startup world come together to plan, create, implement, test, and run a business case idea. The initiative gives women of any background and age the opportunity to not only dream but to create business cases by giving the tools needed to become an entrepenHER and creating opportunities through networking and is now going global by starting out in India. For more information, please visit https://www.sprinters.co/