Untapped talent resource – A startup survey!

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untapped talent

A startup survey to look at untapped talent resource!

BHIVE member FlexingIt spoke with 50+ startups towards the end of 2015 and early 2016. The goal was to understand how young ventures are building an agile workforce to help them scale with pace and quality.

Overall, FlexingIt found that 60% of startups surveyed said independent consultants were required to help meet growth targets. However, there were many under-tapped use cases and the hiring strategy remains restrictive when it comes to tapping flexible expertise. This is especially true in strategy, business development, sales & marketing, finance and human resources. 

Read more in the Economic Timeshttps://articles.economictimes.indiatimes.com/2016-02-11/news/70540021_1_startups-knowlarity-chandrika-pasricha, and on Flexing It blog www.flexingit.com/blog/.

‘A survey conducted by Flexing It, a curated online marketplace for companies and professionals for part-time assignments, revealed that 40% of startups require independent consultants every month and 90% require them at least once every quarter.

Of the startups surveyed, 57% said they have hired independent consultants, project-based or part-time resources to help them deliver on priorities faster or more efficiently last year. Marketing/content-related skills were among the top requirements.

“The Flexing It platform is very actively being leveraged by startups — 40% of the 1,200 companies using us are startups looking to access experienced professionals on an ‘as-needed’ basis while keeping overheads low, said Chandrika Pasricha, founder, and CEO of Flexing It.

Besides companies like HUL, Tata group, Abbott, Deloitte, Reliance, and Dr. Reddy’s, startups seeking the company’s services include Shuttl, Policybazaar.com, PharmaSecure, and Mubble.

Of the surveyed startups, 20% were internet services startups and less than 10% were brick-and-mortar ventures. Half of the startups were in the stable first stage, which meant a stable prototype or marketing to early adopters.’

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