This year’s international women’s day has seen many improvements for women entrepreneurship in India. For example, the government launched its Mahila e-haat initiative on women’s day, which is a part of the ‘Make in India’ series of reforms. Mahila e-haat aims at enabling women to exercise control over their finances by leveraging technology. It is centered around a website that provides a platform especially for small enterprises led by women, where products and services are showcased that are made, manufactured and/or sold by women entrepreneurs.

Not only on the occasion of this year’s international women’s day is it important to remember great women’s contribution to society and economy. Women represent half of the population of this planet. If we want to make the world a better place we must not forget about half the people, we have to support the women and help them overcome the huge discriminations happening against women as compared to men. The Mahila e-haat initiative is a great starting point. I am looking forward to much more movement in that direction.