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By Published On: April 7th, 2016Categories: Articles2.1 min read
let's service

Let’s Service is an established part of Bhive and it is a pleasure to have them as a part of our vibrant community.

Bhive is proud to introduce to you Let’s service, a successful startup based at Bhive HSR. They have found its niche and is getting established in a field that has been neglected for too long. Servicing two wheelers, thus contributing to traffic safety. Sachin Shenoy, founder of the startup was so nice as to share his story and experience.

Let’s Service’s business idea is as simple as it is intriguingly genius, they take care of their customer’s bikes. In this busy world it is easy to forget about servicing your bike. Let’s Service picks up their customers’ two wheelers at their home or office, brings them to an authorized service station and drops them off for their customers at a convenient location. The idea is based on Sachin’s personal experience, whose bike broke down once because he had not serviced it.

One of the things that Sachin learned is that the best business ideas are centered around must-haves, goods and services that already have an existing market. Otherwise, Sachin says, you end up spending too much money on marketing and creating a market artificially. His tip: Have a compelling idea, find an existing market and then listen to your customers. What do they need, what do they want, what are they willing to pay for? How can I improve my service?

Bhive is a valuable partner for Let’s Service because it allows them to focus on their core activity. Servicing bikes, and to exchange ideas and receive feedback from other startups. Outsourcing non-core activities, such as rent, electricity, security, housekeeping, internet increases the productivity of a startup business. While Let’s Service concentrates on what they do best, Bhive takes care of the rest. For Sachin it is a matter of convenience.

Furthermore, connecting with other startups to validate and discuss ideas is very valuable to Let’s service. It is an ongoing process that helps them find out if their ideas are feasible and realizable, and if there is a need for it.

In the future Let’s Service wants to expand to more cities in India and to more developing countries. Every day we see Let’s Service’s bike runners come in and out, it is good to have you at Bhive, we are looking forward to collaborating with you in the future.

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