Indian startups with promising prospects

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indian startups with promising prospects

Let’s take a look at Indian Startups with promising prospects

Greetings from BHIVE! From the way we avail transport to the way we record our adventures, Indian start-ups have gotten bolder, smarter and hungrier than ever. They are challenging the international market, pound for pound, with their ingenuity and innovation, causing humdrum and ripples of competition. Here is a list of a few Indian startups with promising prospects, sensible services and products.

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Started by Samar Singla and Chinnay Agarwal in 2014, the Chandigarh-based start-up that has partnered with over 6,000 auto rickshaws across 22 cities, plans to alter the way we hire and avail auto-rickshaw services. They equipped their rickshaw partners with smartphones and soft skill training to make hiring rikshaws hassle-free. You can book an auto with their app at affordable prices and end the everyday troubles of negotiating with temperamental drivers. They are enjoying investments from SnowLeopard and Paytm.


Indian startups with promising prospectsChaayos

Raghav Varma and Nitin Saluja, IIT graduates, started Chaayos in 2012 to revive the tea drinking customs of India, especially among the younger generation. With more than 25 different varieties of tea, which can be combined and customized in 12,000 different ways, Chaayos cafes serves their varieties in the national capital region and Mumbai. They also offer home delivery. Their angel investor has been Tiger Global Management.



Indian startups with promising prospectsReverie

Started by Arvind Pani, Vivek Pani and S.K. Mohanty, Reverie offers content in multiple-languages to the multilingual audience of the country. Now that smartphones have become the way of life for urban India, Reverie is certain that content from apps and portals in users native language is the next big thing. It has seen interest from several verticals, from e-retail, travel, banks, finance and even e-governance. It offers a keypad app called Swalekh that allows users to type and read in over 11 Indian languages. This infallibly needed service has attracted investments from Qualcomm Ventures and Apsada Investment company.



The brain child of Deepak Ravindran. Lookup, a Bangalore-based startup took life in 2014. Lookup is built on top of Google Maps’ API. Users can locate, chat and order supplies from grocers, mom and pop stores, restaurants or pharmacies. It lets users interact with their vendors directly, like what’s up and place orders, unlike what’s app. With 1.2 million registered users and 85000 verified vendors, Look has allured inventments from Khosla Impact, Biz
Stone and Catamaran Ventures.


The Mumbai-based venture was founded by Amardeep Singh and Rahul Vats in 2014. Nexgear targets adventure seekers and outdoor lovers of the country with products like Frodo. Frodo is an adventure camera that you can strap on your wrist, neck, vehicle and even a sign board and record pretty much anything, from images to videos. Frodo offers five editing options and lets you edit hours of footage instantly and share them immediately. It weighs 45 grams with a boot-to-shoot speed of 0.7 seconds. This one’s for the future and has attracted several eyes to it.

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