Why BHIVE Cafe Should be Preferred Over Other Regular Cafés

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Heard of the Cafe introduced at BHIVE yet?

It is one such day when you decide that instead of going to the office you want to relax and work from home or a café for a change. You head to the nearest café and find a suitable table to set up your temporary workstation. But then, you are obligated to order coffee or a snack just so you could work in the café. You may slowly start regretting your decision because the internet is slow and buffering as it is a shared Wi-Fi, the café gets noisier with many other casual non-working customers and then the waiter comes and slowly hands you over the bill indicating you take leave soon.  In scenarios like these, you wish you had a café that provided all the facilities in one spot. And it’s not just full-speed internet or undisturbed environment but much more.

To solve this, the BHIVE Workspace has come up with the BHIVE Cafe and Lounge which is an ideal choice for a person who wants to experience a modern method of working. A café is preferred over the option of working in a library because a café is more inviting with a colourful ambience with a limited number of customers and pleasant music. It is said that listening to soothing music while we work, or study can improve our quality of work to a large extent.

So, what are the kinds of amenities that you get in the BHIVE Cafe which you cannot avail in other traditional cafés? First and foremost being an amazing super-fast secured Wi-Fi connection, which is an absolute necessity for a person who wants an undisturbed ‘work-from-home’ experience. Located in places that are known for its ‘tall skyscrapers view’ and as a ‘start-up hub’ in Bangalore, the BHIVE Café becomes a ‘GO-TO’ place to experience a new way of working.

‘Plug and Play’ concept is what BHIVE Workspace is popularizing for people to experience in its BHIVE Cafe. It is very useful for the customers because it gives them varied seating options and won’t be confined to a particular table like the ones in a traditional café. With unlimited coffee and tea options available, BHIVE Café provides its customers pay per use facility. This metered and customers are charged when they use the service. A customer can also avail paid lunch buffet and made to order food items from their in-house kitchen, giving them more than just a coffee/tea option while working.

What makes an experience average is when the amenities you require is not available at your fingertips. In a regular café, you need to bring your own stationery, work with insufficient plug points or run down to the local Xerox shop for your printing or scanning requirements. But in a BHIVE Café, colourful stationery, printing and scanning facilities, and easily available plug points at any place you sit. In addition to that, you also get to experience warm ambience with suitable light and music.

You can select the seat of your choice with a view of your choice.

In the BHIVE Cafe, Residency Road, you will experience the picturesque view of the city while you’re working but also separates you from the noisy city buzz outside. And at the BHIVE Café, HSR Sector 6, you are provided with an opportunity to meet many like-minded people because of its popularity of being a start-up hub. The Café also provides meeting rooms for anyone who requires it for conference calls or meetings in both the locations. All these and more things in one place!

But the traditional café is designed in such a way that there is loud music with maybe dim lighting to attract college students, casual meetups, etc. It does not guarantee privacy while you work because it is open for all and the objective of a café is for leisure and recreation with a social environment.

Another plus point while working in a BHIVE Café is the fact that it is an open ground for people to network. You get an opportunity to share your knowledge with aspiring entrepreneurs, businessmen, freelancers, business travellers and professionals. They might be able to help with quick tips or advice on how to run your business successfully. Deals and Discounts are available at the BHIVE Cafés because we very well know how customers love them.

Good coffee, nice music, relaxed setting and great food – contributing to a great casual working environment. What more can one ask for? Make BHIVE your next go-to café!

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Sindhu Priya R is an aspiring millennial who wishes to travel the world to learn about different cultures and people. She has worked in multiple organizations and is currently interning at BHIVE workspace. 

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