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What is Coworking or shared office space?

What is Coworking or Shared Office? Is it Official?

In May 2018, the Associated Press Stylebook officially removed the hyphenated version of “co-working” and changed it to “coworking”. A decade’s wait is finally over as this change was requested by industry officials, supporters, landlords and partners across the globe.

Associated Press Stylebook, which is used as a writing and editing reference for publishers worldwide, finally removed the hyphenated version of ‘co-working’ in its 2018 edition:

Industry activists including Alex Hillman of Indy Hall (2008), Carsten Foertsch of Deskmag (2011), Ramon Suarez (2015), have been campaigning for this change, for more than a decade.

BHIVE as a brand utilised a mixture of “co-working” and “coworking” across its own website and social media content. Going forward we plan to use the word uniformly across all mediums.

This is a business services provision model that involves individuals working independently or collaboratively in shared office space. It has emerged as a flexible solution to traditional office space solutions with long term leases.

“Small distinctions may seem tedious, but they can have large ramifications”

Carsten Foertsch, founder of Deskmag, was spot-on when he penned those words in 2011.

The reason behind this statement is that Foertsch, along with many other figures from the coworking industry, have been campaigning to make a small yet simple change to the way coworking is referenced: drop the hyphen.’

For more details refer – https://allwork.space/2018/10/after-more-than-a-decade-co-working-is-now-officially-coworking/

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