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Wondering why create videos for business?

BHIVE | Wondering why creating videos for business is important to amplify your growth? Video is undoubtedly the most powerful tool for marketing which is used by various businesses globally. About 48% of small businesses use social media for advertising their products/services. Creating compelling videos and posting them on various groups or uploading on vine or YouTube does not guarantee authentic viewerships. What you need is to get your video/s ranked up in the search results so that the viewers are glued to them easily. It’s no secret that when you have an organic media presence and a large number of loyal followers, your business will grow at an exponential rate. However, only increasing your subscribers/likes or the sake of ego satisfaction is not enough.

YouTube gives free opportunities to owners/enthusiasts like you who want to take a plunge/pledge in video marketing. According to recent research by SMW, about 41% of the small businesses in the US use Facebook as a marketing platform while only 9% businesses use YouTube, but these numbers will soon swap since facebook is getting expensive with low penetration. Even though videos can give a lot of advantage when it comes to facebook live/gig for your business, the struggle – partly in terms of other business enterprises – is not as boisterous as on some other social media networks.

Here are a few tips on how you can create videos which would help pin growing your business/ brand exponentially:

Add annotations

You can use the feature called Edit Annotations for adding the annotations to your videos. You can find this feature while uploading the video. Insert a footnote button to your video which will prompt the viewers to subscribe to your channel.

Insert watermarks


You should add watermarks in your videos and may need to get some refined video editing software for this. You can add the name of your company/brand or the logo of your company to your videos. This makes your videos appear more authentic and credible. It will compel the viewers to check your channel.

Customize the layout and the design

You need to customize the layout and design of your YouTube channel. It should appear specific to your company/brand. Websites like android pit offers you the customized backgrounds for your YouTube channel.

Add the YouTube page/channel’s link to your official website

youtube channel link on official website

You should hyperlink the YouTube channel to your website and other social media networking pages which you have.

Give catchy titles to your videos


Do not just give an obvious careless/lazy heading. What you can rather do is highlight what the video is all about. You can ask a question in the video title and disclose the answer through the contents of the video.

Tags for your videos

You need to give this a smart thought. Think some catchy tags that can trend and summarises the issue. The tags basically help in describing what the video is all about virtually. Hence, select the tags accordingly and don’t mislead.


Work out a custom logo for your channel

custom logo

Logos tie you to your brand. Logo is a commitment of your business which helps you build the credibility, identity and loyalty to the subscribers. Logo is unconscious sentiment which  matures with time.

Keeping the videos to the point

This doesn’t certainly mean that you need to keep your videos short. The length of the video does not matter as long as it offers engaging, value and interesting content where the viewers feels one to one connection. Watching videos is a personal investment; make the most out of it.

keeping video to the point

Improve the quality and production value of your videos

You can take the help of professionals for creating videos with optimised visual, graphics and sound effects. People are more drawn towards well-crafted sharp video productions. This helps you project better and in turn increases your subscribers.

video quality

Illustrated experience for viewers

You can lead the visitors to the various sections of your official website with the help of strong storyline/storyboards. It will create a virtual experience and word of mouth marketing.

Apart from these technical points, some other important aspects which should be taken care of while creating videos to promote your business are listed below:

Verbal and Non-verbal Communication

Video is all about communication where you have to narrate a mundane story in a captivating way in order to appeal to the masses. The achievement of our species depends on our ability to communicate effectively, both verbally as well as non-verbally. Understanding various aspects of these two kinds of communication is very important if you want to grow your business.

Verbal communication

Verbal communication circumscribes any communication which involves words – signed, written or spoken.

Why is it important?

Verbal communication is used to impart knowledge and share wisdom. The key component of verbal communication is clarification and how easily you can convey your message so that the viewer/listener understands you and gets the right message. It can be used as a persuasion tool. You can put out an opportunity for debate in your promotional or non-promotional video through verbal communication.

Non-verbal communication

Non-verbal communication includes subtle way of communicating with facial expressions, gestures, posture and eye contact. The tone, voice modulation, the surround sound and pitch of the voice including the volume forms an integral part of non-verbal communication.

creating nonverbal videos for business

Why is it important?

  • To develop interpersonal relationship with the viewer since it’s always 1 to 1.
  • To express emotions.
  • In supporting verbal interaction.
  • To greet or make some facial expressions which our minds understand in a fraction.
  • To reflect personality, attitude, enthusiasm, potential, anxiety.

We can contradict, reinforce, emphasize or complement our verbal communication with the non-verbal hints such as expressions, gestures and vocal inflection.

Ways of improving verbal and Non-verbal communication

To improve your verbal communication, you need to be a good listener. Hence, before you speak anything in your video, it is important that you know what the viewers have to say. Understand their point of view and articulate yourself in a suitable way. Be prepared and listen patiently with discipline.

Study other people’s facial expressions, body language and intonations to enhance your non-verbal communication. Remember, words are living beings too; they have a character of their own. Practise pronunciation, pauses, punctuations and clarity.  Never go live at the first time, no matter how confident you’re, it is advised that you first record yourself in the video camera and judge yourself, how good/bad you’re at communicating, what are your mistakes, where you can improve. Take feedbacks from family/friends. Are your words and gestures matching or are they not in sync? The main step for a successful communication is being aware of what you’re saying and how you’re saying it. The ability of quickly adapting according to the form and situation of communication at hand is a tact which people still strive to achieve.


As already discussed above, your expressions in your marketing/publicity video should showcase that you’re in fact very excited about promoting your business/services/opinion/review and have an enthusiastic approach towards it. The expressions should in no way look dull/pushed/out of context or make you look tired. That gives people a very bad impression. Your expressions in the video don’t only represent you, but also your business. Keep a smiling face even if you just had a fight.

Tonal quality and voice

The tone of voice is not exactly what you say, but the way you say it. It comprises not only the words which you choose but also their rhythm, order and pace. The way the spokesman speaks is as important as the services and products it offers. Being a marketer, your message showcases your brand value. This message is driven by features of the product, the competitive companies, market movement, etc.

creating videos for business

Videos are not for jargons or too much of the technical part of your product. Your first priority should instead be to consider what you’re expecting from the potential buyers to think about, expect from the product and associate with. Hence, in your promotional videos, make sure that you give information about the solutions to the issues faced by customers and make sure that you arouse the expectations of the consumer for the product. The tonal quality should be unique but avoid false promises. For “one” unhappy viewer you lose on average 5 customers.

Why are tonal quality and voice important?

  • It sets you apart from others
  • Helps in building trust
  • It can help in influencing and persuading
  • You can articulate a simple request in multiple ways.
  • It sets the mood.

Background and frames

Along with the background and the frames which you choose for your video, you can add suitable music too. You can be very creative while choosing the perfect background for your video. Make sure it is related to your business or something at catches attention. Anything unrelated would kill the purpose of the whole promotion, so do it smartly. Choose an appropriate frame which suits the background.

creating videos for business

Lights/volume and surroundings

Lighting can totally ruin your videos: either too much lighting, or too less. Sure, you can make the corrections in the contrast and brightness of frames during production but to some extent only. However, it is always preferred to get the video shot perfectly right at the beginning rather than relying on ‘fixing it later’.

creating videos for business

Different lights have different temperature when it comes to video lighting. Hence, while shooting, make sure that the main source of light which you are using to make the video is consistent and even. In case you’re shooting indoors, you should avoid the rooms which have windows. If this is not possible, you can consider positioning the subject far away from the windows so as to avoid the daylight from outside to interfere in the shot.

Frequency of videos

frequently creating videos for business helps

The frequency of your video depends on the flow of other promotional videos in the same niche. Don’t bother about competition. So, you need to keep a soft track of what your competitors are doing. Posting on daily basis is not necessary if you don’t have anything unique to say, but keep posting on regular intervals, preferably weekly if you are a starter, for subscribers to remember you.

Subject topics and its uniqueness

There are great ideas for content all around you if you really observe carefully and keep a note. Particularly for videos, various styles can generally inspire a hoard of maiden coverage areas you can take benefit of. In case you are stuck in the content trench, try these amazing content ideas for your video marketing listed below:

  1. You can feature demos for every new product/service at the launch.
  2. Even though feature demos are instructional, you can also prolong the idea to more common topic which is not very product-centric. You can share ideas and tips in your videos which can help the audience to perform better.
  3. Interview your satisfied customers and launch customer testimonial videos.
  4. You can also make videos to get your company and products introduced among people and also focus on the advantages which these offer.
  5. You can also promote registrations for the upcoming events and webinars through your videos.
  6. Have a question-and-answer video with the experts in the same field and promote it. It will help you make new connections and you’ll also learn new things from them. They may even help you in the promotion!
  7. Interview people on the streets or even hospital canteens about hygene.
  8. Take all your imageries and data and repurpose them into an amazing video info graphic
  9. Put out tourist reviews and book reviews.
  10. Start a canteen Debate.

Dressing, styling and projections

Dress to carry and not for the sake of it. Be a class, add a statement. You can always go for pastels or bright colours if that suits your brand/personality. You can even take the help of a stylist if you’re not very confident about your style and projections.

Openness and gelling quality

creating videos for business

You need to show openness and transparency in your video. Make sure you’re not giving out an impression to your viewers that you’re keeping secrets or hiding anything from them. Show your gelling quality by giving out a friendly attitude. That helps in building better viewership and customers.

Apart from all this, it is also important that you do not appear desperate to get more subscribers. All in all, video marketing is very profitable for improving customer retention and brand recognition. Online businesses which have not yet started the video bandwagon should seriously see it as an option to improve their website quality, and yes, videos don’t have copyscape, it’s your business ethics.


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