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Green buildings refer to any eco-friendly construction that does not harm the environment and implements tools and techniques that are sustainable and cost-efficient.

Benefits of Green Buildings

  • Green buildings conserve natural resources like water and electricity.
  • They have a sustainable design that ensures minimum wastage of land and other resources.
  • They utilize renewable materials for construction and maximize the use of recycled materials.
  • It reduces the carbon footprint by producing a lesser amount of waste.
  • They improve indoor air quality and promote better health.
  • Green building properties offer a better quality of life by facilitating natural living.
  • Green buildings promote a safer environment by eliminating toxins.

Latest Trends in Green buildings

Energy efficient green buildings were on the rise since 2012, pronouncedly in the corporate and commercial sectors. This rapid shift to green buildings can be attributed to the two main factors:

  1. Low operating cost.
  2. Improved occupant health.

According to the World Green Building Council, in 2018, the percentage of green building initiatives that were successfully carried across the globe was 27%. By 2021, it is expected that more than 60% of the construction projects will shift to green building initiatives. In India alone, the green building market is going to hit around $35-50 billion in the next three years.

Why Are Coworking Players Exploring & Starting in Green Buildings?

As corporates realize the need for green buildings in the future, co-working spaces are also striving to offer a sustainable and efficient lifestyle to people. Coworking Space in India came as a wonderful solution to the increasing rate of construction and gave way to many organizations, entrepreneurs and freelancers to rent spaces for their day to day operations. By moving to green buildings, they are now showing the path to a safe future. An eco-friendly co-working space can align its economic and ecological goals and improve the health and performance of the people working there.

Why Are Corporates Exploring & Renting Offices in Green Buildings?

With countries struggling with the availability of space and enough natural resources for construction, constructing new buildings possesses a great threat to the future. Construction also leads to unwanted pollution, toxicity and wastage that harm the environment in more than one way. By switching to co-working spaces, organizations save a lot of energy and natural resources.

These buildings in India are certified and rated by various agencies like LEED India, IGBC Ratings and BEE ECBC based on the concept, design, operation and performance of these buildings. A certified green co-working space is the future of the entire corporate sector.

References & Examples in India

Coworking Space in India are being developed by many top organizations in the corporate and commercial sectors, such as:

Suzlon One Earth, Pune

It is a LEED Platinum rated green building located in Pune, India. The building is constructed in a way that it conserves maximum energy by providing sufficient daylight and fresh air. It was designed by Charles Benninger.

Infinity Benchmark, Kolkata

This building in India was awarded the LEED certification for efficient energy conservation. The pollution levels in this building are checked using CO2 sensors. The insulated wall of this building keeps the interior cool, thus reducing the need for electrical cooling devices.

The Future

According to ANAROCK, the real estate sector produces 40% of waste and 35% of greenhouse gases. Along with it, this sector also uses up more than 25% of water and energy resources. Unless we shift to green buildings now, our future is under significant threat. By installing green buildings, we can do our bit in maintaining the ecological balance on earth and make way to a safer future.

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