A Sustainable Future with Coworking Spaces

By Published On: February 20th, 2023Categories: Managed Office1.5 min read
BHIVE CEO speaks about sustainability

There are a few things that revolve around sustainable future when it comes to coworking spaces. Let’s dive deep into the characteristics with which a coworking space can contribute towards #sustainability.

One of the key aspects to look at is the #sharingeconomy in that sense, where resources and their utilization are becoming much better and more efficient. If you think about Uber, instead of so many individuals buying cars, fewer cars are getting utilized better. This ensures that lesser cars are produced and those already in the #market are utilized well. The same applies to many different things currently. I believe that even a service like Airbnb allows many people with empty houses or spare rooms to make a profit by simply providing unused space.

These steps increase the utilization of resources in the long run that aid us in streamlining, essentially a solid step towards sustainability.

Diving deeper into coworking spaces, there are also more provisions to inculcate a hybrid work culture, among other aspects. #Hybrid work culture aids sustainability, without needing an explanation.

Now, let’s assume there are X number of people served in one of our one-lakh sq. ft. coworking spaces. If the #coworking industry didn’t exist, the same X number of people when working out of their own offices are more likely to create two lakh sq. ft. of office space or more, put together. That would imply much more furniture, electricity, water, and every other resource. So I believe we’re aiding the green transformation by having an integrated smaller space that serves a larger number of people. We always have a keen focus on efficiency because, for us, this is key to our #business model. Wastage is not something we plan to be a part of!


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