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Having discussed the emergence of ‘Hyperlocal Advertising’ in my first post as the new domain of Advertising within a city. Emerging New Domain in Offline Advertising: Location-based & Hyperlocal Adveretising, let us now see the tech solutions that are supporting it.

Ideally, Hyperlocal Advertising Spaces within a city are a combination of several modes of Advertising. As small & effective as a banner in an apartment complex to a digital screen in a food court of a tech park to a public Wifi. Anything used to carry non-intrusive advertisements can be a part of location-based hyperlocal advertising medium.

Hence, a Hyperlocal Advertising campaign is a combination of Offline & online ad space mediums to target the desired audience. How & where the technology plays role in this can be summarized as follows.

The Two Layers of Technology

In the case of Location-based Hyperlocal Advertising there can be at-least two operational layers for the technology to play big.

  1. Technology based hardware products to be used as Advertising spaces.
  2. Technology based software products to identify, plan & push ads on the right Advertising spaces.

While the hardware products require much capital investments and strategic physical placements. It reaps great benefits to create an effective Advertising space using technology. I will talk more about this layer of tech in Advertising in my next piece.

Software products, especially the really smart ones, for the Advertising industry are the biggest demand of our time. They help in doing away with the age-old ways of ambiguous rates and bulky proposals from advertising agencies. They also lack knowledge about the right mediums of Advertising. However, it needs more than a simple aggregation to accomplish this task.

More than an Aggregator

Industries like F&B, Real Estate & even Hospitality have seen an upsurge in the number of aggregators collating the data from every possible source. But in case of advertising, it is completely different. A simple aggregation of Media sources won’t make the cut & solve the actual pain points of a Marketing Manager or an Entrepreneur.

A mix basket of targeted options with a complete Advertising plan is the factor that will have a greater impact than a mere aggregation in the Advertising industry. This is a factor that we at ShopAdSpace.com realized very early & hence focused on building a totally solution-oriented technology front for location-based Hyperlocal Advertising. One example of using technology to plan location-based advertising campaigns can be seen on ShopAdSpace Android App.

Locating all Ad space options on a map with a parallel categorization of the type of Advertising space like Tech Parks, Apartments, Cafes, Restaurants, Digital Screens, Kiosks etc. This makes it easier for a brand manger to browse through relevant options in particular areas of a city.

As argued in my last post, addition of location to an ad space gives a real insight into the type of audience it will be targeting, rather than a list of Ad spaces with no reference to location & type of audience. Here’s what it looks like:


Such use of tech makes it easier for local businesses to figure out & plan campaigns near their location. To start the campaign such tech product can help in pushing ads to a digital mode of Advertising. It could also be a request for a Banner placement at the offline ad space locations.

Even while the ad campaign is running tech helps in getting live pictures of Banners, Kiosks etc. to audit without much field work. A clear advantage for companies that rely on a huge field workforce to identify, execute & audit the Outdoor Advertising campaigns.

The Future

There has been a very good start to the introduction of modern tech to the advertising industry. My prediction is that in the next couple of years there will be more innovations & use of tech, both software & hardware. They are to be introduced in the Advertising industry.

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