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By Published On: January 17th, 2023Categories: Managed Office2.1 min read

What do you feel have been the biggest changes and challenges in professional environments? Are you expecting positive changes in the company culture?

  • In hindsight, there have been numerous changes and challenges in 2022. It was indeed a year of migration for many. As a startup, our primary focus was to ease the transition of our employees from the work-from-home phase to workspaces, while ensuring a positive company culture.
  • As for 2023, we expect to see positive changes and a smoother workflow, despite the current temporary funding winter. Technology will seemingly play a much more significant role in our industry. As workplaces are gradually seeing an increase in the adoption of AI and automated tools, we are moving towards better optimized and synchronized workflows.


What are some work culture changes you look forward to being implemented across organizations?

  • Making actionable plans with a core focus on employee mental well-being should become a mandate within organizations as this will reflect positively by enhancing both employee happiness and productivity.
  • Since the onset of the pandemic, I’m confident that most organizations are well prepared for unexpected scenarios. Ensuring work-life balance and employee well-being can help us create an environment to empower the workforce, maintaining a fair balance between employee retention and resignation.


What makes a company employee friendly? Could you share some tips for budding startups to improve employee retention and have a healthy work culture?

  • After the pandemic, one of the primary factors that make a company employee friendly is a positive work culture, which in turn elevates the well-being of employees.
  • Tips to improve employee retentionHire the right talent in terms of skillset and culture, have a healthy work-life balance. Reward their significant efforts and recognize the value they are adding. Provide adequate training and development to tap into their unexplored potential.


Over the years, you’ve hired and worked with Gen X, Millenials, and Gen Z. Would you like to share some interesting company culture insights?

  • Gen X has always been a set of adaptable team players who improvise well under pressure and value a pleasant informal environment. They tend to have a “Work Hard, Play Hard” mentality and highly regard work-life balance.
  • Millennials in general love to play to their strengths. Currently, they form the backbones of most organizations.
  • Gen Z, the future leaders. They tend to seek challenging positions where they can learn new things every day. How we groom them as professionals will reflect in the immediate future.

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