Messi wins the World Cup! End of the GOAT debate?

By Published On: December 19th, 2022Categories: Managed Office1.6 min read
lionel Messi World Cup

Lionel Andrés Messi wins the coveted World Cup Final and has he just shut the Critics once and for all? A BHIVE Blog!


Leaving behind an immortal legacy, Lionel Messi has ended his World Cup Football endeavors. He has done it on the highest high possible, as Argentina’s crowned king of the World. The adopted successor of Diego Maradona lives up to the master’s reputation, leaving behind folklore to be retold for generations ahead.

With yesterday’s accomplishment, what Lionel Messi has achieved is the icing on a career already worth boasting of. The Argentinian has left the GOAT debate to dust by having a much bigger trophy to back his argument. Christiano Ronaldo will never have what Messi has just achieved and will always be in that shadow. Lots will be talked about in the future about Kylian Mbappe though, a true Champion who rises for the occasion. With a World Cup already in his cabinet, it is in one way bittersweet for fans that Mbappe missed out this year.

There is more fuel for the career that Mbappe deserves though, making him a forerunner for probably the upcoming two or three world cups if all goes well. This is Messi’s moment in the football world though. The coronation of a true king who battled hard to make it to the epitome, mapping his legacy throughout. Messi now has a few more years of club football left for all of us. Probably serving us some more moments of pure joy and ecstasy as football fans. We’re going to witness the final act of a true legend, a magician who made the impossible possible with sheer willpower!

We do not intend to pull out any marketing lessons with this blog on Messi! This is his moment, we would just like to add to the glitter shower with our own bits of confetti!




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