Managed Office Spaces are effective for Corporates. Here’s how!

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managed office spaces are effective

How Effective are Managed Office Spaces for a Corporate on a Day-To-Day Basis?

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • What are managed workspaces?
  • Key benefits of managed office spaces
  • Does maintenance-free operation make a difference?
  • How managed office spaces are effective on a day-to-day basis?
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs


With changing times and a vast change in operating scenarios, the requirement for modern office spaces has grown extensively. To deal with the situation, large commercial real estate has emerged with a prompt solution of managed office spaces. They cater to fill all the infrastructural gaps that were created by traditional offices.

With a more premium and maintenance-free operating environment, managed office spaces are an efficient choice to consider for a corporate day-to-day basis. Let us understand in detail how managed office spaces play a major role in helping a business achieve its goals.


What are Managed Workspaces?

Managed office spaces refer to a workspace solution that is usually owned and managed by third parties. These spaces are flexibly leased to businesses for smooth and effective operations. Be it large corporates, MNCs, startups, or any other related business, the managed spaces stand ever-ready with their smart and customized environments to fit any business idea. 

These spaces have emerged as a boon to businesses, providing them with a range of services such as reception, conference areas, shared meeting spaces, cafeterias, etc. The primary perks of these spaces include cost-effectiveness, flexibility on lease agreements, and minimal capital investment. 


Key Benefits of Managed Office Spaces

Managed spaces have emerged more effectively and efficiently in the business world as compared to conventional working spaces. Let us have a brief look at what advantages these managed spaces serve:


  • Cost Efficient: Managed office spaces are built and owned by a third party and then leased to corporations and businesses. Such well-managed office spaces also provide the flexibility of leasing, which can be for a short term or long term. The cost to be incurred in the equipment, furniture, and infrastructure of the company can also be saved, making it a wise business option.
  • Customization: Moving ahead with time, every business demands a customized solution in accordance with their business needs. The managed office spaces hence provide a wide scope for customization as per the user’s needs. This can be in the form of connected desks, individual cubicles, large conference spaces, play and relaxation areas, a cafeteria, and much more.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Work efficiency is the key to achieving desirable results in any organization. The managed office spaces streamline operations and enable the businesses to concentrate on the core functions only.
  • Employee Centric: The managed workspaces are usually made keeping in mind the well-being of an employee. Various features of the managed spaces include breakout zones, play areas, and relaxation points, marking a positive impact on the health of the employees. Creating a stress-free environment can not only relax and motivate an employee but can also add to their productivity.
  • Modern Amenities: Smart work areas, quick printing facilities, high internet speed, movable furniture, administrative and IT support, mail handling, etc, have added scope to managed spaces in the present times.
  • Brand Image: With a customized office space, one has the power to build the brand image of the business. This can be done by choosing the colour, design, layout, furniture, and decor, which in turn can resonate with the image of the business at large. Having a strong brand image can boost productivity among the employees.


Does Maintenance-Free Operation Make A Real Difference?

Undoubtedly, maintenance-free operations do make a real difference in helping a business flourish. Since managed workspaces offer a maintenance-free operation facility, it helps a business to cut unnecessary expenses. On a daily basis, regular deduction of such unnecessary expenses accumulates and can be used by a business to invest in a more profitable field.

Therefore, maintenance-free operation makes a slow yet major difference in a company’s progress over time.

How Managed Workspaces are Effective on a Day-to-Day Basis?

Managed office spaces directly or indirectly play a major role in increasing the overall productivity of a business on a day-to-day basis. They offer a well-structured, efficient, and productive environment to businesses. With a professional working atmosphere for the employees to stay focused and productive in their work, managed working spaces help to boost their morale and effectiveness. These spaces also have various zones tailored according to the needs of the business, providing flexibility. 

Having access to modern amenities like play areas, meeting or conference rooms, relaxation points, gyms, and cafeterias instils a feeling of satisfaction among employees, leading to greater output. Managed office spaces are also scalable enough to help the employees accommodate changes in the work areas as per their needs. Additionally, these spaces provide high-speed internet, advanced technology infrastructure, biometric systems, etc., enabling quick and prompt working.



To summarize, managed office spaces come with a maintenance-free approach to provide a cost-effective and efficient solution for businesses. With the comfort and feel of a premium workspace, these workspaces not only add to the branding of a business but also save a lot of unnecessary spending for them.

Visit the BHIVE website to understand how managed office spaces play a major role in the day-to-day needs of a business and help them achieve maximum productivity. 



  1. What are the benefits of a co-working space?

Co-working spaces provide various benefits, including sharing a common working environment, shared hardware facilities, and increased networking among people. This overall ensures increased productivity and pushes the work community to work even harder.

  1. Are managed office spaces cost-effective?

Undoubtedly, businesses across the globe are rapidly adopting the idea of managed office spaces due to their cost-effective nature. With benefits like scalability, flexibility, and less maintenance, managed office spaces are highly cost-effective to consider.

  1. What is the future of managed office spaces?

Managed office spaces are rapidly gaining exposure throughout the world in the corporate sector. With the immense benefits they bring, more and more businesses are considering adapting it to multiply their productivity and achieve their goals.

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