Why Koramangala is the startup hub of Bangalore

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Is Koramangala really the startup hub of Bangalore?

Koramangala is an amicable neighbourhood in Bangalore that has been getting a lot of attention lately. Start-up founders and businesses are taking an active interest in this place both nationally and internationally. This delightful place is referred to as the start-up hub of Bangalore. There are many companies who have their corporate offices in Koramangala and you could even spot the founder or co-founder of one of these big companies in popular cafes like Starbucks, Costa Coffee, Third Wave Coffee Roasters and Coffee Day.

Here are a few reasons besides our coworking space why it has been attracting start-up founders, startup enthusiasts, prospective employees and investors.

Low Commercial Rents

A lot of reputed brands started their companies in Koramangala. The commercial rent is available at a value for money deal for the tenants compared to other prominent areas of Bangalore, and the standard of living is impeccable. Cafes are usually occupied by CEOs and Founders brainstorming or looking for new talent to join their team. Companies like Ola have also moved their corporate office from Mumbai to Bangalore owing to its reputation.

Exciting Culture

Start-ups choose Koramangala because of its vibrant culture. The metropolitan area has people from all over India and even abroad working in some of the best companies. The presence of existing start-ups attracts similar businesses to enter. Moreover, as the number of companies increases, the food industry also booms, ergo more start-ups!

A pool of Investors and Programmers

Start-ups usually thrive on informal and friendly culture, unlike the traditional corporate life. Koramangala already has several start-ups and is thus a compelling place for other start-ups. It has got a casual vibe that is easy going and energetic. Start-ups and small businesses are always vouching for sites like these. Koramangala has excellent connectivity with the rest of the city which has made it a popular choice for employees too.

Well connected to popular areas

Though Koramangala in itself has a lot of happening places, other startup hubs like Indiranagar, HSR Layout, MG Road, and other areas, are easy to access. To make the most of work, one needs to perfectly balance it with a little bit of fun. Hanging out in Koramangala is more than just food with its vibrant pub culture tucked away around every corner.

Access to basic necessities

As the number of IT parks are increasing, the distance of residential areas from them is increasing as well. Working out of coworking spaces in the Koramangala startup hub helps save time in travel with PG accommodations and other residential options being close by. Along with these, shopping for basic everyday utilities is a lot easier with shopping malls like The Forum Mall as close as an evening walk.

Final Take

Thus, Koramangala has become quite a name among start-up founders and businesses. Thanks to its relatively less corporate rent, vibrant culture and equipped neighbourhood, start-up owners are flocking to Koramangala. The presence of great start-ups coupled with the relaxed ambience of the zone attracts a lot of business owners. Koramangala is also a great place to find investors and top talent which drives start-ups to build offices in this area.

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