How to Empower women in the workplace? Our HR Answers!

By Published On: March 14th, 2023Categories: Managed Office1.9 min read
Soma Deb - BHIVE HR VP

To Empower women is something every organization should be focusing on as it definitely aids in the overall success of businesses and organizations. Besides the growth and success of individuals, women can bring their own individual strengths and qualities to your organization’s table.

Over the years, there have been various normalized barriers and obstacles ranging from gender bias to gaps in pay, hindering the growth and empowerment of the female workforce. When one talks about women’s empowerment, one should be focusing their efforts on curating a highly inclusive environment where opportunities are the same for all, despite their gender.

Recognizing and acknowledging the existence of the various challenges that a woman should overcome at any workplace should be the first step towards creating an environment that enables success, despite gender. The gender pay gap is a critical factor that ranks among the top reasons for creating a glass ceiling. This is detrimental not just to them but also to the organization as denying them the chance to reach their true potential would lead to dissatisfaction and hampered productivity. Equal pay for equal work is slowly becoming implemented but has to be enforced to reduce attrition and improve productivity.

Creating equal playing fields without a gender bias is often overlooked but shouldn’t be as better abilities and achievements should be the driving factors to decide a person’s career growth, and never their gender. Providing the same training and development opportunities for all should be a standard within any organization, aiding the employees to develop and improve their skills and areas of expertise.

Adopting a hybrid work culture with flexible hours and having a paid parental leave policy can highly benefit a company as the employees would be more dedicated to their job when supported at an organizational level. Creating a work environment that helps every employee balance their work and life always leads to a higher retention rate and improved job satisfaction.

As an organization, we always have a culture that promotes inclusiveness and diversity. An empowered workforce brings in their own ideas confidently, which can result in better innovation and creativity.

In conclusion, achieving gender equality, creating a more inclusive workplace culture, and enabling them to build stronger, more successful businesses are all critical goals achievable by empowering the women in your organization.

Soma Deb

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