Curating a healthy coworking community

By Published On: February 6th, 2023Categories: Managed Office1.2 min read

Having gained experience from curating the high-networking #coworkingcommunity at BHIVE Workspace, there are various aspects I would say one should consider while aiming to curating a healthy coworking community. Following are a few ideas I feel are quite important in that aspect!

To begin with, we offered workspaces that are affordable in the long run, continuing to be a place the community loves belonging to. We have always attempted to be a workspace that meets all your requirements and a hassle-free work environment with common areas and breakout zones that promote networking by design.

There is a seamless integration of productivity, networking, and entertainment across our workspaces, creating a bridge to luxury that inspires and empowers everyone to dominate any challenge.

A holistic approach was taken to include entrepreneurs from all arrays of business streams with added focus on curating a positive culture within the community. This enables the members to network with leading/upcoming #entrepreneurs and other niche communities.

Regular events should promote skill and community building with equal entertainment and community events that let you and your team unwind, reducing any chances for #burnout.

These are all tasks we had undertaken as an organization to ensure that we are curating a functioning coworking community across our workspaces in the city. We have seen these actions bearing fruit and would suggest you create similar roadmaps to succeed in creating an ideal and healthy coworking community for your coworkers.

Shesh Rao Paplikar

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