Coworking Space for Freelancers

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coworking space for freelancers

Coworking Space for Freelancers – A blog by BHIVE Workspace

Coworking spaces have become ‘the way’ to work in 2022. Are you a freelancer who’s trying to figure out a solution to work peacefully?

Coming from a freelance background, here are a few things the author has noticed about coworking spaces and how they can be beneficial for you as a freelancer!

Advantages of coworking space for freelancers:

First and foremost, infinite access to coffee (Chances of you breaking the machines are very low!)

No one would disturb you at a coworking space while you are engrossed in work (or just zoned out)

Having said that, you’ll still be able to network and communicate if you feel like taking a break!

You get to meet people from varied industries and those who do very interesting (or boring) jobs.

A place for you to shoot your content, if you are a content creator looking for an aesthetic space!

Free marketing as you get to talk about your projects to fellow coworkers

Find opportunities to collaborate with brands

The exposure you receive from being part of such an ecosystem is impossible to achieve otherwise, granting you access to varied brands and personnel.

Starting off with a beautiful coworking space, we have now expanded to 17 locations across the city, and have all the intentions to keep growing, across the country. We believe in making workspaces a positive environment, a place where employees feel motivated to perform better than usual and have the largest chain of coworking spaces near Bangalore. While saying that, we do not intend to say that we promote toxic hard-working culture. But, we promote a balanced ethos where the employee is in the right headspace, at all times.

Following are some of the locations of BHIVE’s coworking spaces near Bangalore:

Koramangala (Next to Forum Mall)

Koramangala 5th Block

MG Road (Next to Trinity Metro)

HSR Layout 27th Main Road

HSR Sector 6

BHIVE HSR Sector 6 Service Road

AKR Tech Park  (ex-Myntra HQ)

Indiranagar, off CMH Road

Garuda – BHIVE Workspace, BTM Layout

We hope this blog on coworking space options for freelancers has intrigued your curiosity to find out more! Let us help you out with a day pass! Get in touch with us and we will let you know what are the best offers we have, including those mindblowing offers for weekends!

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coworking spaces near bangaloreCoworking Spaces near Bangalore
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