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Workspace customization is driving the growth of flexible managed offices in India. The trend is adding to the innovation, creativity, and efficiency of occupiers.

A well-known Gurugram-based flexible office space operator has recently announced an opening of about 25,000 sq ft, specifically targeting several small business owners and large occupiers. He specializes in workspace customization and attributes his success to the strategy. He represents a group of flex office operators who have grown basis the demand for customisable, flexible offices. It is right to say that the era of customization is fuelling the growth of flexibly managed offices in the country.

Workspace customization refers to a trend where companies/occupiers continue to exercise greater freedom to design an environment that perfectly suits their needs.

The trend
The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of the hybrid mode of working. Subsequently, managed offices and customization became the norm. We now witness both – hybrid and managed offices – coexisting. Workspace customization is fuelling the growth of flexible managed offices. Flexible managed offices provide a middle ground between remote work and traditional office spaces, offering the flexibility of working from a shared workspace while still having a dedicated and customized environment.

While hybrid working is an excellent way to support employees, physical offices have gained prominence in recent months. With employers urging their workforce to return to the office, there is a need to create workspaces that prioritize productivity while considering factors such as ergonomics, comfort, and efficiency. Hence, from choosing the layout and design to selecting furniture and amenities, companies now creating a comfortable workspace and offering connectivity to employees.

There are long-term benefits too. Customization allows businesses to foster a sense of identity and brand alignment. By incorporating their brand colors, logos, and design elements into the workspace, companies can create a cohesive environment that reflects their values and mission.

An impetus to flexible managed offices
Flexible managed offices have grown multi-fold in terms of space and city-wise footprint over the past few years. While traditional office spaces often lack the flexibility to accommodate the changes required in the current scenario managed offices have been at the forefront of the evolution. Allowing customization, these are designed with modularity in mind. It means, businesses can scale up or down their workspace as needed, adding or removing sections, workstations, and amenities without disrupting operations. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for startups and small businesses that may experience rapid growth and need to adapt quickly.

Customization is driving the growth

The need for employee wellness and enhanced hygiene measures has forced businesses to re-evaluate their office setups. Managed offices that offer customization options have been quick to adapt to these new requirements, allowing corporates to create safe and flexible work environments. These also comply with health guidelines. This adaptability has made managed offices an attractive choice for businesses navigating the uncertainties of the post-pandemic world.

What lies ahead?
As businesses recognize the benefits of tailored workspaces, the demand for such options is only expected to grow. The trend is shaping the future of flexible offices in several ways.

Some occupiers are already personalizing services around the workforce. These may include reception services, on-site cafes or restaurants, fitness facilities, and even event spaces. By tailoring these services to the specific needs of the staff, businesses are creating a truly holistic and customized work experience for their employees.

Here, technology plays a vital role in customized managed offices. It enables businesses to create efficient and connected workspaces. One of the ways the technology is incorporated is through intelligent office solutions. These solutions utilize sensors, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and automation to optimize energy usage, enhance security, and improve the overall functionality of the workspace. Technology allows setting up a seamless work environment, from intelligent lighting and temperature control systems to occupancy sensors and smart locks. The trend is likely to grow.

Going forward, attractive and comfortable workspaces could become a differentiating factor and act as a yardstick for employment and talent retention. Businesses have already realized this.

By embracing customization, businesses can unlock the power of a workspace that focuses on specific needs. From creating a cohesive brand identity to fostering collaboration and incorporating technology, customization allows for endless possibilities in workspace design. Businesses in India have the opportunity to lead the way in reimagining the office space strategy and create environments that inspire creativity, productivity, and innovation.

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