Community building in managed office spaces

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community building in managed office spaces

Importance of Community Building in Managed Office Spaces


Table 0f Contents

  • Introduction
  • What is meant by community building?
  • Benefits of community building in managed office spaces
  • Tips for Building a Strong Community in Managed Office Spaces
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs


Community building for office spaces plays an important role as it collaborates between the tenant and the owner, improving productivity and enhancing the overall work environment for the tenant. This partnership helps the business attain new heights. The most premium feature of community building in managed office spaces is that they are located in good areas making the business look much more professional.

In this article, we will discuss what is community building, its importance, benefits, and tips for building a strong community.


What is meant by community building?

Community building means connections and relationships among people. It involves an environment where people of different backgrounds with common goals and interests meet. It involves the engagement of people since they work as a team. Community building establishment aims to share spaces by providing resources and assistance to the members. To attain this, proper communication, building trust, and transparency are required.

In the case of managed office spaces, community building refers to a workplace where business can be smoothly operated. The owners of the building host networking events to collaborate with the tenants for the office workspace.

The owners offer workshops and seminars that talk about the interests of the tenants and the industries they are looking for. Seminars and workshops are often organized by community managers who ensure the smooth running of the office space while designing the layout and break-out zone required by the tenants. 

Even online platforms are also available where the tenants can communicate with the owners of the workspace. These online platforms have a gallery of reception and IT support cubicles which helps tenants to make a convenient decision regarding choosing the office space. Regular feedback from the workplace community is required to ensure all the needs are fulfilled.


Benefits of community building in managed office spaces

The community building offers benefits to tenants, operators, and other suppliers while maintaining their privacy. The managed office space gives organizations or owners the liability to hold control over the work environment. These benefits can be:

  • The shared resources help in cost-saving and increasing efficiency.
  • The events and workshops help in professional development. 
  • A good community helps in easily adopting the work culture.
  • A strong community reduces the retention and vacancy rates of tenants.
  • A vibrant community builds the image and reputation of the brand attracting new tenants.
  • The office has furnished infrastructure with furniture, internet connection, and other facilities. 
  • The engaging environment leads to a longer commitment between the tenant and the owner.
  • The engaging community helps in building productivity making the work environment more skillful.

The above factors help in building a positive and dynamic work environment benefiting the business environment for those who lend the workspace and providing a motivating work environment to the tenants.


Tips for Building a Strong Community in Managed Office Spaces

To build a strong community, you need a systematic approach with consistent efforts that can clearly define your values. For this, you need to follow certain steps:

  • Create a layout that can include all areas like lounge, kitchenettes, and workspace.
  • The managed office spaces are easily customizable as per the requirement.
  • They provide cost-effective flexibility reducing the rate of being fixed to a specific location.
  • Provide a platform to tenants where they can communicate and collaborate. 
  • Provide basic amenities like reception, meeting room, IT support, wellness center, etc.
  • Ensure to welcome people from different backgrounds to promote diversity.
  • Get regular feedback from the tenants to understand their needs and preferences.
  • Set an example by engaging tenants with a supportive and positive environment.

Creating a welcoming office layout will make the tenants feel interactive. Open communication and engaging activities help to develop professional opportunities. The bonds of a vibrant office work environment can be built by promoting diversity and celebrating achievements.



A vibrant community in a managed office space enhances the experience of the tenant contributing to the overall success of the workspace. The managed office spaces create a dynamic community for enhancing work experience, supporting the success of tenants in the workplace, maintaining the professionalism of the business, and having the flexibility to adjust the office space. 

The concept of community building involves making the tenants feel that they are a part of something large and creating a spirit of collaboration among themselves, while for the owner, it builds an image and maintains their reputation of high morale with productivity.

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  1. Who is the target audience for managed office spaces?

The target audience mainly includes large businesses who are looking for a flexible workspace with a large area to curate their work. However, the target audience of managed space offices may vary according to the location and amenities.

  1. Can managed spaces be cost-effective?

Yes, managed spaces reduce expenses of rent, internet connection, and services making the budget management system simple and saving money. 

  1. What is the difference between managed space and coworking space?

Managed spaces are dedicated mostly to one business providing more privacy, while coworking spaces are open to all natures of businesses with a more collaborative ambiance. 

  1. Are managed office spaces flexible?

Yes, managed workspaces are both flexible and scalable as they adopt the environment required for the business without any huddle providing an efficient work environment.

  1. What is the use of managed office spaces?

The managed office spaces are required for smooth operations of the business with a customized ready-to-use infrastructure helping the businesses focus on their productivity while maintaining their privacy.

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