Jay Dutta and Veena Sonwalkar – A Candid Chat

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Jay Dutta

BHIVE Hosted Jay Dutta and Veena Sonwalkar as a part of the event, IxDA India presents Interaction Redux. This was organized on 24th June, 2016 at BHIVE, which turned out to be an experience of a lifetime.

Interview with Jay Dutta, Asia Pac Regional Co-ordinator for IxDA.

Aakriti– You have worked in a number of  countries like US, UK, China. So what according to you is the key difference between the work culture of India and that in the western countries?

Jay– I feel that people in the western countries are more focused and believe in speaking less and working more. So yeah, these two things should be something which is less found in Indian than in other countries.

Aakriti– You hold such a vast experience in various domains, and now you’re working closely with CEO’s and Founders. So how difficult or easy is it to work with the top level management?

Jay– The difficult part would be convincing them for a particular thing. The easy part is that once they agree to something then the process of execution is superfast.

candid chat jay dutta


Meeting Veena Sonwalkar, UX researcher and co-ordinator of Ladies That Ux, and then interviewing her strengthened my belief that it is no more a “man’s world”-

Aakriti– What is your opinion about the steady but prominent marks that business women are leaving on the corporate sector in India?

Veena– I find this trend of more and more women entering into the corporate sector very delighting. There are so many women in the technology sector as well which is considered to be the male-dominated one. So this in itself is evident enough that our country is changing.

Aakriti– In your perception, what is amazing “User Experience” all about?

Veena– Opportunities that Ux will offer in around 15 years from now amazes me the most. In the short run and long run both, there are and will be tremendous opportunities as the horizon for designers will become wider.


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