BHIVE Premier League – Cricket
“Enjoy the game and chase your dreams” – Sachin Tendulkar
Join us at the World’s Largest Coworking Space
for an evening filled with intense cricket matches, food, and a whole lot of fun!!
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BHIVE Premium HSR Campus

For further information, kindly contact us at 9019730442

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  • Friendly Matches have already begun from 24th April 2023

  • Tournament will start on 2nd May 2023
  • Matches begin everyday at 5:15pm

  • Matches could continue till late evening

  • Free registration and no entry fee.

    So, grab your chance to become the man of the match as entries are limited!

BHIVE Cricket Premier League


  • 6 players will be in one team 
  • Each match will be of 6 overs per side 
  • Each bowler can bowl only 1 over per match 
  • Runs scored by the batsmen will be valid only if he bats with at least one leg inside the batting crease before the ball is delivered 
  • A ball that hits the roof having previously hit a wall is still in play. At some venues, the roof acts as a side wall where 1 run is allocated when the ball touches it, but a fielder can catch the ball and the batsman is out caught in one hand 
  • Bowler has to ball within the given box i.e., bowling crease 
  • Any deviation from the above rules will be “No Ball” 
  • Usual ‘No ball’, ‘Wide ball’, ‘Byes’ and ‘Overthrow’ will be applicable 
  • ‘Sidearm bowling’ is not allowed 
  • A direct hit on either side of the walls in the box will by default amount to 2 runs.
  • On-strike batsman can be stumped out by wicketkeeper 
  • If the keeper collects the ball before it passes the stumps for the stumping, then stumping will be not valid 
  • If the match is tied, then the winner of the match will be decided by a Super Over 
  • 2 fielders should be behind the bowling crease and 2 fielders should be ahead of the bowling crease.

Note: The Umpire’s decision will be binding and final. No argument with the umpire will be entertained. 

BPL- 2022 Video Gallery

BPL- 2022 Gallery

For further information, kindly contact us at 9019730442

Or reach out to us on WhatsApp at 8310189664

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