BHIVE Premier League – Pool Tournament
BHIVE Premier League – Pool Tournament
Get ready to aim and stun! Join us at BHIVE Workspace, India’s largest coworking space provider, for a pool showdown – where every shot counts, and the thrill never stops!
DATE: 8th Jan – 19th Jan
Tournament will take place Across 12 BHIVE centers

A Pool Tournament Like Never Before!

For further information, kindly contact us at
7483024063 or 9019730445

Event Details
  • Event Dates: 8th – 19th January
  • Friendly Matches: 8th & 9th January
  • League Matches: 10th to 17th January
  • Area Qualifying Matches: 18th January
  • Match timings: 3:30 PM to 6:00 PM
  • Matches may extend into late evening
  • Registration is free
Don’t wait! Grab your chance to be an 8 Ball-Pool master because entries are closing soon!

Rules and Regulations of the game

  • 2 PLAYERS  : In Eight Ball Pool, players aim to pocket their assigned group (Stripes or solids) and the 8-ball using a cue ball, and the first player to do wins the game. 
  • CALL SHOT: In Call Shot, there’s no need to specify obvious balls or pockets. If unsure, opponents can enquire about the intended shot. 
  • JUMP AND MASSE SHOT FOUL: In ‘cue ball fouls only’ games, it is considered a foul when jumping, curving, or massing around a non-legal object ball, moving it, intentionally or not.  
  • LEGAL BREAK SHOT:  For a legal break, the breaker must either pocket a ball or drive at least four balls to the rail; otherwise, it’s a foul, and the incoming player can choose to play from the current position or request a rerack.  
  • OPEN TABLE:   The table is ‘open’ after the break, allowing a player to legally hit any solid or stripe ball. 
  • CHOICE OF GROUP:   The choice of stripes or solids is not determined on the break even if balls are made from only one or both groups. 
  • LEGAL SHOT:  In all shots, except the break and when the table is open, the shooter must hit their group first and pocket a numbered ball.
  • FOUL PENALTY:  When the opposing player gets cue ball in hand, they can place it anywhere on the table (except behind the head string on the opening break) 
  • Semi-finalists will be decided by match completion times. The team that finishes the match in the shortest time will be directly qualified for the finals

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BPL Video Gallery

BPL Gallery

For further information, kindly contact us at 7483024063 or 9019730445

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