Innofest, one of the most prestigious events that startups and innovators in India look forward to with bated breath, is back!

An initiative of iSPIRT, Innofest was launched in 2016, to help entrepreneurs and innovators at the grassroots level to develop their ideas into scalable and sustainable businesses. The event has been designed to add to value to mainly three categories of people:

  • Those who want to build a prototype
  • Those who have built one and looking at patenting
  • Those who want to scale the products that they have built.

Innofest has been powering the innovation ecosystem in the country by providing a platform for those with game-changing ideas to interact with industry experts, investors, ecosystem enablers, thought-leaders and other like-minded innovators. The insights and experience gained during the course of the event can be instrumental in driving them to greater heights, since the knowledge shared by the experts would otherwise come only with years of experience and trials and errors.

This year, the event, to be held on 8th December at Bangalore, will focus on fostering entrepreneurship in the country’s hardware ecosystem. While the IT sector is currently booming and will continue to rule the roost in the coming years, it is the hardware space that is expected to see some real action in terms of innovation, hence the focus on entrepreneurship in the hardware domain at Innofest this year.

It is also important to note that most hardware innovators are reluctant to move beyond the concept stage owing to the high capital investment required to even create a prototype. Innofest 2016 will address many critical issues regarding fundraising, and help smoothen the roadblocks that hardware innovators and entrepreneurs currently face. This will help more such people realize their vision rather than letting it be just another ‘unfulfilled dream’…and a missed opportunity for us as a nation.

TV Mohandas Pai will be inaugurating Innofest 2016, and some of the keynote speakers at the daylong celebration of innovation will include renowned names like Sharad Sharma, TV Mohandas Pai and Dr. Ruslan Yunusov.

The event will include workshops, panel discussions, and interactive sessions, showcase opportunities, DIY etc., where the participants will get a chance to explore new opportunities and connections and develop/ improve their idea or product further.

Some key concepts that are driving hardware innovation, such as STEM learning, open source and design manufacturing, smart electric mobility solutions, hardware manufacturing, funding resources etc. will also be covered during the event, so participants can understand their relevance and potential in the coming times and tap the right opportunities at the right time.

Over a period of time, Innofest aims to put India on the world map as a prominent hub for hardware innovation that’ll drive the future, thus serving as powerful ammunition for the government’s ambitious Make in India project to realize its full potential. It will, therefore, be an effective medium not just for hardware innovators and entrepreneurs to realize their goals, but also for the country to develop and grow into a force to reckon with globally.