Benefits of Coworking Spaces over Traditional Offices

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Learn the benefits of a Coworking space

Benefits and Advantages of working out of a Coworking Space!

Tired of the hassles of managing your own office? Exasperated running behind the internet service provider to get your internet working? Well, then it’s the time you should consider the benefits of a coworking space.

The Coworking industry in India is no longer the hub for only budget-tight start-ups and freelancers. In the present time, it is an attractive choice for many mid to large-sized companies too. A lot of well-established companies like Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Paytm are working out of co-working spaces.

According to a recent JLL study, by the year 2025, around 42% of the country’s population will be living and working in its urban centres. Further to this even in a CBRE study,  it was seen that co-working spaces saved up to 25 per cent in big cities, as compared to conventional space leasing.

The increase in the co-working space is due to many reasons. It is definitely an easier choice in comparison to setting up your own office, as coworking is all about plug-and-play offices. One does not need to go in for a long-term commitment like traditional office space. In a co-working set up you can use the space for a day, week or a month as per your requirement. It offers flexibility without any liability to lock in your money as security deposits, as in case of conventional office space.

Some of the other benefits of coworking space, making it a preferred choice are –

  1. Networking Opportunities – There are ample opportunities to grow your network and build relationships within the community and during various events organised at the co-working space. The events could be workshops and thought leadership talks which would, in turn, enhance the competence and work ethos of you and your team.  
  2. Access to various resources– You have access to the various facilities at the co-working spaces be it unlimited beverages (tea and coffee), pantry services, high-speed internet/WiFi, meeting/conference room, printers, recreational areas (pool, foosball, table tennis), free events and thought leadership seminars. These places are also accessible 24*7 mostly, be it Independence day or Diwali, you are free to come and use these spaces.
  3. Cost saving– In comparison to traditional office space, co-working spaces help cut costs to a large extent. It saves the money spent on interiors, furniture and fixtures. Working out of a co-working space can save expenditures on all these depreciating assets.
  4. Easy accessibility to talent– If you are looking to hire the fresh talent you can look within your shared space. You would have access to various freelancers and companies you can outsource your project to.
  5. No administrative hassles – There is no need to run around for any repairs and maintenance. Just contact your centre head or the Community Manager and get things done immediately.  The entire facility is managed and maintained by the co-working space. 
  6. Community Engagement– Co-working spaces keep members engaged with constant engagement activities and events. They try to avoid an ‘All work no Play’ culture.  All festivities are celebrated to ensure a healthy work-life balance.

If you are thinking of moving into a shared office space setup; this is the right time. With the shared economy flourishing this is going to be the future of our milieu.

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